From this time forward (and retroactive), anyone who registers on this blog must leave a comment. I want to know who you are. I am getting a lot of registrants and a lot of spam, and I suspect it is nearly a 1-to-1 relationship. I’m deleting all registrants I do not know or who have not left a comment (I think the only commenters I know are Barry and Allegra). All spam has been deleted and is deleted regularly, so don’t think you’re using my page to further your perfidious aims.

However, if you got deleted and it was a mistake, feel free to let me know.  Again, communications is the key.  I was sure I had some registered users who have posted; all the users I deleted had 0 posts attributed to them.


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  1. Robin J. Nakkula

    I’m not sure if I ever posted here, and I’m rather sure I never registered, but I’m not spamming. I do enjoy eating Spam, especially the newer Turkey and 50% Lower Salt varieties randomly available in stores….

    1. mordewis (Post author)

      Not into spam of any kind. And nobody expects the Spammish Repetition. SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM


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