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Every time I post something to my Facebook page on gun violence, open carry, or 2nd Amendment, I find another one of my friends (usually a real friend, not a phony Facebook friend) who violently disagrees with me.

So open carry is a good idea. Right up there with Stand Your Ground laws. Yeah. We homo sapiens are the most level-headed species ever, and nobody could ever make us do anything irrational, no matter how drunk we get. (Yeah, open carry in bars, this must come from the Darwin Award people.)

People, we are not arming ourselves against an evil government. The people who want an evil government are the ones making profits arming us, and more profits getting FuxNews to inflame our paranoia and hatred of… just about everyone but rich people, who are the ones profiting and the ones ripping us off daily by not paying us living wages for the living we provide them.

I am not against the Second Amendment. I am not against gun ownership. But ALL our freedoms come with limits, and making any of them unlimited throws the balance off. We need to be reasonable. I’m afraid that will never happen, and we will end up in open warfare between whatever groups our Owners tell us to hate enough to kill.


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  1. mordewis (Post author)

    Comment from my Husband-In-Law, James (USN Retired):

    Agreed. The II Amendment wingnuts fail to realise that consequences come with rights. They also fail to realise their extremist position will be their doom.

    One argument often used in the discussion of rational gun laws is that one does not have unrestricted use of an automobile. The rejoinder comes forth as “cars are not a constitutional right.”

    But it is only since the Thirties that has been the case: the Supreme Court and state courts long held that unrestricted use of cars was a constitutional right (AAA was the NRA of its day). It was only after the body count from auto drivers piled up that the Supreme Court found differently. There is a fascinating discussion on the (former) constitutional right to own unregistered cars and driving unlicensed here:

    The two are the same. The court found in automobiles that what is now called “time, place, and manner” restrictions were applicable to operating an automobile. The parallels between II Amendment rights with guns and I Amendment rights with autos are striking.

    The bodies are piling up now from unrestricted gun violence. 3,000 people or so died on September 11, 2001. Over that incident, we launched a war (and the administration smuggled us into another one, Iraq). If all the gun deaths, even without suicides, were to occur on the same day, the populace would be tearing down the Capitol to get at their legislators.

    But gun deaths are reported in a trickle, disjointed in the press. You do not read of a domestic violence murder occurring in Seattle if you live in Knoxville.

    The problem is, as of yet, there isn’t a person who can argue the case for sane gun laws as Ralph Nader did with cars in Unsafe at Any Speed. The result of his book was not that cars were outlawed, but the necessary legislation to ensure safety in construction and operation was implemented. Auto deaths dropped dramatically, and more so when Mothers Against Drunk Driving joined the campaign.

    The National Rifle Association of today is no different than the American Automobile Association of the Thirties. But like the auto club, their power can be checked.

    It is happening now with Open Carry Texas: the more they parade around with their armament, the more people protest to businesses. The more protest businesses receive, the quicker OCT finds itself unwelcome. Like the auto drivers of the Thirties, they are their own worst enemy. And like the auto drivers of the Thirties, they are a minority.

    Amongst environmentalists, there is a movement to remove lead shot from the market and replace it with steel shot; lead pollutes the environment. Yet the knee-jerk reaction of the NRA is to protest removing lead shot as a violation of II Amendment rights.

    The NRA long ago stopped representing its members. It is now a business lobby, and it is the manufacturers of lead shot that are objecting, not the rank-and-file.

    I support gun rights; I own a shotgun. I see no need to parade around in public as if I were in some libertarian paradise like Somalia or Iraq.

    “Humans have tinkered with the natural world since we appeared on the evolutionary stage. Our days may be numbered: As the home team, nature bats last.”—Professor emeritus of Natural Resources and Ecology Guy McPherson, University of Arizona.


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