PPM Weekend

I get Friday off to drive down to Georgia for a Pagan Prison Ministry workshop. Should be fun, haven’t worked with Darla for a while now. I was going to have a friend go with me but she couldn’t get the time off.

Some of you may be like, what’s a Pagan Prison Ministry? Well, it’s simple. We minister. To pagans. In prison. We don’t care whether they are studying with us for a better life when they get out or they are studying with us from a worse life before going in. Ethics and morality are important, and having a sensible religious basis for them helps.

It is a true statement that some inmates study with us just to get extra free time. I was amazed a year ago to meet the young men at Foothills Correctional Facility in Morganton, NC, and see how hard they had worked. Maybe they got into it for a party but they didn’t stay in it for a party. We are making a difference in these peoples’ lives.

May you also be making a difference in the lives you touch.




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