A-Barding We Will Go

As the newest member of the Triad College of Barding, I spent much time both Saturday and Sunday with Emrys and Faucon. Had a wonderful time, including a birthday party for Faucon yesterday with about 30 people from various walks of life. Faucon sent me another of his poems, and read me two of his published stories. Emmy sang more songs, I sang more songs. Emmy now has a copy of my CD. And she blessed me with the loan of a harp, a 25-string Irish harp with sharping levers on all 25 strings. I need to get a tuning wrench, the one for my autoharps is too small.

She also requires me to perform more, and the two of them are taking me to Asheville for a performance on the 25th of October at the Disappearing Wheels Project.

I would consider that a FINE weekend. Time to take things more seriously.


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