Monthly Archive: October 2014

Vanishing Wheelchair

I drove to Asheville today (Saturday) to play a little bit at the Vanishing Wheelchair Project. Apparently the word didn’t get out, they had the smallest audience of recent times. There were supposed to be about 30 children there but something happened and they didn’t show up. I played really well, 3 songs, got a lot of positive support and tried to give away some hats but people kept paying me for them, made $28. I got to see my friends at Bruisin’ Ales, spent a fair bit of time with John Noggle, talked on the phone with Sky, and even shouted out to Mike Paglia, who I saw in Pritchard Park. After the show I went back to John’s, watched a movie and ate peanuts. Decided I was awake enough to drive home, so I did. I got home just a tad after 2 am.

I was informed of the show by Emmy and Ken, who were supposed to go with me; about mid-week they cancelled, and I thought I’d go ahead and do it by myself.

Yep, that’s a good day.


My ex is giving me my snake back. Theoretically tonight.

I’m playing at the Vanishing Wheelchair Project on Saturday evening in Asheville.

My job is still going well.

My harping is an ongoing process. My Rosaleen is absolutely beautiful, Honduras Mahogany, 25 strings, 21 years old.

My guitars, Blue, Carlos, and Highway, are doing well. Disciple still needs the bridge work.

Otto is all strung. Good thing I have backup strings, autoharp string sets start at $75. He’s sounding great. All those years as a middle school kids’ instrument have hardly made a dent in him.

And Coby is running like a champ, although I have questions on her rear tires.

So there you have it.


Still Barding Along

I’ve been practicing quite a bit on Rosaleen, and even got the string replaced on Otto (Chromaharp). Spent considerable time at Emmy and Ken’s over the weekend, assembled a couple of kitchen stools and helped move some stuff around. We made a dent on the mess in the basement but have much more to go.

Work is still going along, tonight was pretty good.

Goddess has really been passing the blessings along. I have a new twin bed which is a lot more supportive than my old one, and the neighbors across the hall have been moving out and giving me all the stuff they don’t want to move, including lots of food and spices and a couple furniture items. I have to figure out what to do with my old mattress and box spring, don’t think they accept them at the Conventient Center.

Abundance. What a concept.