Help requested

I would like to pass along a request for help. Kayla Dodd, a Family member in the mid 2000s, has asked for magickal help. Her second son is currently shared custody between her and his father. She has evidence the father has been beating and otherwise abusing him. She also says the father intends to take the child and move to Texas. She can’t afford a good lawyer and the one she has is not good; his family has good lawyers.
Kayla would like to ask for protection for her son, John Winterbower, and whatever is ethical to keep him from being taken away from her to Texas. The father’s name is Timothy “TJ” Winterbower. I have pictures of the father, the son, and the marks of abuse itself if anyone wants them.
She says the father does not want John, he just wants to take him so he doesn’t have to pay her child support. She doesn’t care about the money, just the child.
Please help.

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