Happy New Year, ME.

If the stars align properly and I follow their instruction, I *could* get entirely out of debt by this time next year. I pledge to do at least half that, and will be happy if I get to 2/3rds, but it sure would be great to meet the full goal.

I have gained weight this year, from 205 to 246. I hope to lose at least to 220. This means I will need to take my weight more seriously, and find time to walk and/or exercise every week.

I still need to complete ANY assignments toward my Barding. I pledge to complete all assignments this year, if at all possible.

Will I still have my job this time next year? That would be a record for me. I’m at 19 months now, and the longest I have held a job to date has been 27 months.

Can I stay out of any and all relationships? I hope so. Losing sight of that goal will seriously impact the first goal.

I have a housemate right now. If she can stay for the full year, it will be much easier to meet my other goals, IF we can keep it fairly stress-free.

Guess that’s enough for one year. See you next year to count the successes and failures.


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