Small Victories

When I’m wallowing in pity, I always seem to forget that at least I’m still around to wallow. I may only get paid every two weeks, but every day I work is another day closer to being out of debt and will count toward the paycheck which will get me there. Autism isn’t fun, depression isn’t fun, loneliness isn’t fun, but dying would end all the chances at future fun.

So. This month I get rid of two complete debts. One is already gone, the other is scheduled to die on Friday. Next month I get rid of one more. Then I have to work harder to keep my credit current and going backwards with my three remaining accounts, all three of which should have zero debt balances in 6 months (one of which will go away forever, and I’ll contemplate the other’s future at a later date).

Still keeping up on that New Years’ Resolution. Making almost as good as perfect progress and much better than expected progress.


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