Everything is as it was. I still have my job, although I have no idea for how long. Well, to be truthful, I’ll keep my job, just my position is going away; the company insists there are positions to be had.

I managed to get my shifts shifted so that I’m off Thursday; this means I can go to the PickNGrin at Indian Ridge Market and hear Cat Faber and Lauren and play myself, might have Emmie come along and play too.

I got accepted as a Guest Filker at ConCarolinas, which I believe is the first weekend of June near Charlotte, NC.

And this weekend is the SuperBowl. I expect Carolina to win, but would not be upset if Peyton got his second ring.

Other than that, nothing special is happening. I’m still hoping to turn my spending around a bit, but it will iron itself out sooner or later — sooner if I learn to actually curb my spending, later after a couple more loans get finished off.