One, Maybe Two, Steps Back

I was terminated from my job yesterday. This is not the end of the world, or maybe even not the end of my job. I am a good employee, caring and always on time; the decision to terminate was done by the corporate office off a checklist, and the local office definitely wants to find a way around or through that termination. But for now, I am jobless, and it will leave me without the ability to get another job in the same field if it sticks.

A friend of mine died a couple of months ago. His brother emailed me yesterday and said he left me a lot of computer equipment, but I have to go get it. In Pennsylvania. Funny thing, but I have a free weekend. I will be leaving shortly to go do that, hope I can fit it all in my little car … and I don’t really have any place to put it once gotten.

The house purchase never got off the ground. It’s a shame, because I would be much better able to weather the current situation with a smaller mortgage payment than my current rent plus a housemate to help out.

Things just don’t go easily right now. I am hoping they get better soon.


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