Yearly Archive: 2016

Top Performance

I just got back from playing at the Hard Knox Roller Girls Carnival. There weren’t a lot of people, but they were good people. I got a tip specifically for playing “Waist Deep in the Big Muddy”, and a child (probably prompted by his parent, who had done her homework) asked me to play “The Last Wolf”. I got $15 in tips for a 45-minute performance, better than I was getting at my last job. I had a good time. It was indoors but in a non-cooled building. This was an almost impromptu performance — someone invited me to the event site on Facebook about a week and a half ago, and I opened my mouth about performing; a few days ago someone on the planning committee asked what kind of music I played, listened to some of my online stuff, and asked me on Thursday to perform. I almost didn’t get up on time — my Echo did not do my alarm. But all is well, and I had a nice time.

All moved in…

Little to do other than unpack boxes. I’m going tomorrow to clean the cabin and get my cleaning supplies and ironing board. Comcast came today, and it revealed that while the modem I inherited from John is OK, the router did not connect and so I have no wifi. The installer recommended a combination modem/router by Netgear, and I found it at Amazon for more than $30 less than it was at Voldemart.

Other than that, I managed to get the last couple of blinds I needed from Family Dollar and installed them.

Not much else other than phone calls going on.


On the Road

I made two trips yesterday in my car. Ken’s truck is in need of repair and will get that on Monday but I have to keep going. I moved all the computer stuff except what I’m using and a few pieces I missed, and moved all my instruments. Today I’m moving my records, CDs, tapes, and stereo, and then make another trip with various things. If I make a third trip, I will start moving books. I should also get the two broken-down bookcases and some bed parts. I will be too hot and tired to do much else.

Moving Along Slowly

I got to look at the inside of the trailer today for the first time. The under-floors are entirely redone, the walls are entirely repainted, and they almost had the living room retiled with the rest of the house to go. I was surprised to see that the main bedroom was in the rear of the trailer, that’s the opposite of the other trailer I lived in that was the same size, and that there was a full bath at both ends of the trailer.

I may, just may, be able to move all my non-essential stuff this weekend. I need to hear back from Ken on when he has time, and then talk to Keith about getting the keys.

My guess it that it could be two more weeks before I’m actually moved in, but I may not know what I’m talking about.


And another month went by…

I was silent the entire month of June. Things are still developing, just not as quickly as I would like.

I can’t get unemployment. Not because I’m on Disability, but because I can’t work full time (because of my disability).

The trailer I’m moving to has had to be completely redone, and is not ready yet. It may be ready by the end of this week to move SOME things in, but probably not ready to move me and the kitties.

I did get approved as an Uber driver. I’m not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing, but it might help.

I stopped selling stuff because I don’t know where I’ll be when it’s time to mail it out. Or it’s too stressful to balance in the rest of my life-in-turmoil.

I will be going tonight to hear Emmie perform in Knoxville. I will be going tomorrow to give Connie her new laptop (“Mobile Workstation” – this thing is HUGE) and install RAM on her desktop, and do other things, hopefully remembering to take her old laptop so I can use or sell it. And on Thursday, I hope to get up early enough to check on the work on the trailer.

My desktop is still not working, but I’ll either get it fixed after I move or start uing one of the computers John left me. They probably run circles around mine anyhow.

Lots of emotional stuff going on. No need to get into that here. Call me if you think I need a hug, or if you do.

My cell phone is working, except it is now on a carrier which does not have service at the cabin. After I move, or whenever I’m out and about, I can be reached on it. If you think I’m at the cabin, call me at (865) 344-7156.


Flying Out the Door

I’ve been posting some things for sale, found among what John N left me, on eBay, Craigslist, and a more-local app called LetGo. I apparently have been pricing things low, because they are being snapped up. I will likely be able to get through June nicely if this keeps up, and I haven’t yet posted that much of it. Of course I’ll want to keep some of it… but it is such a relief that I can clean up my place, which is pretty slammed with all this stuff, and manage to get some breathing room in the bank account besides.

Nothing new on a job, but I haven’t had a lot of time or a lot of jobs to apply for. I should probably go to the “local” (30 miles away) Job Service Center or whatever they call it here. Might do that after my trip to the Post Office tomorrow to mail off my goods.

My cats have really been loving this time together. Cecil has gotten into the habit of (now several times a day} climbing up on my shoulder and purring. Of course, he’s so large that only his head and front shoulders are on my shoulder; his rear legs are on my belly. But he purrs so well. He only stays there a couple of minutes and then runs off, but he also spends a lot of time in my lap or between my legs (I sit in a recliner most of the time and the footrest opens to a solid piece).

I really appreciate all the love, attention, concern, prayers, energy, candles, etc. that my friends are giving me. It’s still going to be rough for a while, but I thank you for all you do.



We held our third monthly housefilk (Feb, Apr, May – March had us all going to Larry Kirby’s in South Carolina) tonight. It is always such a joy to have Cat Faber and Lauren Cox come over, and this month we added to the number with Cynthia Andresen and Ken Muller. Cyn and Ken stayed until 9, we went on until 10:30. Next month’s housefilk is scheduled for the 20th.

Nothing new today on the job or other means of income.


One, Maybe Two, Steps Back

I was terminated from my job yesterday. This is not the end of the world, or maybe even not the end of my job. I am a good employee, caring and always on time; the decision to terminate was done by the corporate office off a checklist, and the local office definitely wants to find a way around or through that termination. But for now, I am jobless, and it will leave me without the ability to get another job in the same field if it sticks.

A friend of mine died a couple of months ago. His brother emailed me yesterday and said he left me a lot of computer equipment, but I have to go get it. In Pennsylvania. Funny thing, but I have a free weekend. I will be leaving shortly to go do that, hope I can fit it all in my little car … and I don’t really have any place to put it once gotten.

The house purchase never got off the ground. It’s a shame, because I would be much better able to weather the current situation with a smaller mortgage payment than my current rent plus a housemate to help out.

Things just don’t go easily right now. I am hoping they get better soon.


Update 3

Someone put a bid up on the house before we did. So now we either have to hope it falls through or have to look for another place. But at least the money is lined up.

Back to work tomorrow. I hope I can catch up on some hours.

One Step Forward

I’m about to drive to Knoxville to regain my employment. It will require some driving, I don’t know how much yet, as the available houses are mostly in the West and North of Knoxville.

I have submitted all the paperwork I can to the lending agency. I can only wait until he calls me back, to see if I need to submit something else or to see if he is going to go ahead with the bid.

Getting the house I want means leaving my job, although there is a possible job closer to home. I vote for the house, but I don’t have it yet and still have a life to finance.

And we’re looking for names for the new house, should I acquire it.


Update: I got assigned to a house. I called my new house manager. He’s not sure he can get me the hours. He said he’d call back.

Update 2: The lending agency says they have everything they need from me to proceed. I suppose they’ll let me know what and when the next step is.