Hard to be a Hippo in Tennessee

I survived another week. And while the other part-timer has been hired at my work, the full-timer has to take off next week as vacation or lose her days off. So I’m still working full time yet another week. I’m still on sabbatical from mintCast, and it has impacted the team somewhat. I’m also getting a lot of thank yous and support from listeners of that show. This is very gratifying, and lesses my experience of Impostor Sydrome — I’m actually providing value in some peoples’ lives.

This weekend is not long enough. I’m still very tired after doing mostly nothing on Saturday, But the light at the end of the tunnel has not been switched off yet.

Suzanne may be starting a ta preparer’s class for one of the bit names on Monday. While that won’t pay anything until she graduates and gets hired, it’s a step.

My distrohopping came to a weird point this month, as I have 3 distros loaded which we have not reviewed and deserve to be so, but I can only review one per month. My listeners are voting on which one I get to review. And Episode 004 of Distrohoppers’ Digest exceeded 400 downloads! Episode 005 is well over 200 already.

Getting ready to take a drive in the woods. Hope that helps relax me.

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