Monthly Archive: November 2019

Great Blizzard of 2019

We just had our first snowfall of the season. Got maybe 1-2″ all over the cars and porch… didn’t stick in road areas so much. We did drive to Rutledge and turn in some paperwork. Very little traffic on the road.

And to top it off, here is a shot of our new kitten, rescued from a life as a frozen feral cat. His name is Gremlin.

Same title as before

I’m getting lots of job offers from phony compnaies, and the only actual job offers I’m getting are from companies which did not bother to read my resume (i.e., sales organizations and call centers).

I’ve received yet another Raspberry Pi, this one a 3B from my friend Tony Hughes in England. That is the 3rd Pi I’ve received, and still have these last two, the other being a 2B+. I am getting a lot of love from my listeners, for which I am quite grateful.

I’m reviewing Zorin OS this month. I’m finding it to not be as advertised — it is supposed to be a Linux version of Windows, but instead it’s a Windows-like re-theming of Gnome. There are so many differences between Gnome 3 Desktop and Windows Desktop, mostly in that a lot of things work differently and there are a lot more things hidden in the interface.

I started my 7-day every-two-week vacation. I should be grateful, but I’ve asked for more hours and my manager seems unwilling to even consider the possibility. Today we did a bit of shopping, it was drippy. We each called our surviving parent. We watched  lot of TV. We got no calls for jobs.

I got a nice comment on the Jupiter Broadcasting Telegram group, that my opinion could have been valuable on a just-recorded show. Distrohoppers’ Digest Episode 007 is already over 300 downloads, in about a week of being available. There really are good things happening, but in true Moss fashion, none of them appear to head toward me being able to support myself and my wife any better. I hope I’m wrong about that.