My boss finally heard me say that I needed 4 days of work per week. He scheduled me Mon-Thu this coming week. Hope it continues. We’re about as low as we can go and still keep our bills paid, although we are dropping more into debt on the gas card.

I have now been a real podcaster for over a year, started last October. I even started my own podcast back in April, and the reception has been better than expected although not exactly overwhelming– we have yet to get close to 500 downloads, but that’s still 400 more than we thought we would get when we started. It’s just me and my friend Tony Hughes in England, rambling on about different distros of Linux, so of course it’s a niche of a niche of a niche market; our other podcast is averaging over 3,300 downloads.

Just keeping up day to day stuff, and getting ready for my annual trip to Atlanta in January. I’m serious considering taking only one guitar and the harp, although I’ll probably take two.

My birthday is Wednesday. I’ll be nearly twice as old as I ever thought I’d be. Yeah, my family generally is long-lived but I’ve been the exception to everything, the idiot sheep that everyone gave up on and let him roam off. I think Suzanne and I will go to Maryville next Saturday to hear an Americana singer-songwriter who runs the MeWe songwriting group I’m in, would be good to get out for a change. Hope I don’t go all autistic on the crowd size, but maybe it won’t be too bad.

I’m starting to think that I have multiple emotional states/ages. Not personalities… things trigger me to how I would react(badly) at a certain age. I can be trying to have a conversation over a few other tasks I’m doing, and then one more question will trigger me and I start screaming. I don’t engage in name-calling but I do scream or yell. I don’t know how Suzanne handles it, and somewtimes she doesn’t, but she understands it as it is demonstrably consistent. I don’t know how to manage it, although I’m going to ask someone I trust if he can help me. This is a new thing, just the past 3 years, maybe something about Suzanne is triggering me; I don’t remember having this issue in ast relationships. Forget you ever read this, it is too personal.

Well, my coffee is ready, I’ve had my shower, and it’s only a few hours until the podcast. I am so very grateful for my listeneres, they have been gifting me with cool computer stuff and even a little money, and it always helps to know you’re doing something which someone out there appreciates. I have set up a place online where people can become patrons of my podcasting work, although nobody has yet joined; thought it was worth it to give them options.

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