Yearly Archive: 2019

Rolling in Pi

A friend of mine across the pond sent me a Raspberry Pi 2B. So far, the pi, case, and power supply have arrived. I’m still waiting for the wifi dongle and a micro SD card to put the operating system on. I have the best friends, made through my podcasting.

End of the Tunnel?

The new driver at work has been fully trained and will be coming on next week. This means I will get a few more hours off to rest up… but I’m scheduled for 5 days next week, albeit with reduced hours on Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully I can get a full day off in coming weeks.

I’ve taken a sabbatical from mintCast, which I hope will not last beyond the next episode, but if I don’t get some real time off it may need to.

Distrohoppers’ Digest Episode 004 exceeded 370 listeners (downloads) already, which is exciting, and we released Episode 005 on Thursday.

My new Pi has not arrived, but the case and power supply have along with an SD card which was the wrong size, but that’s being taken care of.

Other areas of my life are languishing, pending more time.

Distrohopping Is Fun

I’ve been having loads of fun distrohopping this week. I tried to install new distros on my two extended partitions on the T430, and have wound up with only one booting despite about 4 different distros being tried (s0 3 of 4 partitions are booting)… and my Ideapad 110 now has 3 partitions but only two are booting. Some people think I’m doing this for the stress, but it’s education and I’m passing what I learn down the line. One friend is sending me a Raspberry Pi 2B and everything I need to run it, and another has pledged $50 towards a new machine so I can just put different distros on different machines rather than cramming them onto one.

Apparently my efforts as a podcaster are getting people to listen to me and appreciate what I’m doing even more than I am. That is very satisfying, and I may yet have a decent self-esteem, or even become a paid podcaster.

A Lot Of Water

…has passed under the bridge since my last post.

I got married to Suzanne the Sunday after Thanksgiving 2016. I’m sure she has more regrets than I do, but we have shown that we are mutually committed. We are working at the present time to get her green card status made permanent. It costs money.

I have stopped doing Uber after about 33 months. I am driving a cute little 2014 Mazda 2, but I am working for O’Reilly Auto Parts as a driver, and get to drive their vehicle. The pay does not look that good on paper, but the amount we’re spending on gas, repairs, and even phone bill has gone down significantly. I have a very good manager. A very poor District Manager, but because of that I’m working full time instead of part time. And I can use the money right now.

My health is about the same. Not better, not worse. My health care provider, WellCare, has just changed my doctor and location, and I haven’t met with them yet, so it remains to be seen whether things continue on a steady keel.

I have been doing a podcast, mintCast, since October. Having a great time with a fun team. We meet every Saturday afternoon and record the podcast every other Sunday afternoon. I have had so much fun that I’ve started another podcast, Distrohoppers’ Digest, with one of the team, and we’re recording that one monthly, about to do our 4th episode.

It has taken time away from me. Between the full time work and the podcast work, I have not touched my guitar since May 1. I have not done any work on Triad Bardic College, where there is so much to do. But I’m having fun, other than the stress of keeping my relationship together.

This has been the hardest relationship ever. Not because we aren’t committed, but because we are who we are. On paper, we should be perfect for each other. But my autism has come out in super-spades, and her issues with her parents rise up time and again. If we can get through this, it could be a relationship for the ages; if we can’t, it will be a worthy attempt.

I am playing with Linux as an operating system. No room for Windows in my life, and there has never ever beenn room for Apple products. I have two laptops right now, with 4 different distros on each (2 in common, for a total of 6 distros), and also have a Linux box sitting on the floor waiting to be dealt with. If I ever get time…

I usually like where I’m at. I do get depressed from time to time. I have had two friends, one closer than the other, pass just in the last week, and that doesn’t help matters. My mother is at home again after a long stay in the hospital and rehab facilities, and will turn 90 next week. As usual, if it weren’t for her I would not be solvent (as much as I am) financially.

I’m in debt reduction and have about 2 years to go. I have no idea how we will come out of it.

Long term, I have different goals than my wife. I want to live in the mountains, staying at home and welcoming visitors. She wants to travel the world. I don’t see a middle path. But we are together for now.

My spirituality has fallen beside the road for the most part. Survival is at the forefront, and most of my friends have gone away, either from my actions or those off my wife — or from just not having time for anyone or anything except survival.

I have two editing jobs I’ve put on the back burner. Just like everything else.

I did hear from my last wife, Laura, recently. She has moved to Colorado. Her mother passed a couple years ago, my angel. My 3rd ex, Beth, is in frequent contact with me. In fact, I apparently am singing in her dreams. I wish she would send me the lyrics, I haven’t written anything new in a long, long time.

So that is my ramble this time. I have consumed more than a few ounces of high gravity beer, so that might be the cause of any potential typos.