On April 15th, while driving for O’Reilly Auto Parts, I got in an auto accident. It was bad. It was really bad. It was NASCAR bad. But, like most NASCAR wrecks, I climbed out of the vehicle almost unaided. I did go to the ER and had lots of pictures taken. Nothing broken, but everything hurt. I had some follow up care. Right now, I don’t have full use of my right shoulder, and by extension my right arm isn’t working all that well. Hard to even wash my hair. Hard to type without hurting a little. And I can’t play guitar, as that strains the shoulder.

But I’m all right. Looking at the video of the accident, I should be a lot worse, maybe not alive at all, but I’m all right. I missed an opportunity to perform, shoulder hurts. Whoopee. I lost my job, but they separated based on the current COVID-19 crisis, did not reference the accident at all. I’ve learned that my unemployment check will be $141 per week, which is not much at all. But we did get our stimulus checks, or rather they should clear the bank today. I got a good tax refund. I should be able to stretch things out to 2 months without work.

Now maybe I can find a GOOD job. Hoping to get something in computer repair or software installation.

I’m OK. Really.