Monthly Archive: May 2020

Festival Complete

I really did pretty well opening up the Festival of the Living Rooms 2. Sadly, the recording quality of Zoom leaves much to be desired. I was supposed to supply KJ with a copy of “A Flower and A Hufflepuff”, but it just doesn’t sound that good. I’m trying to remember to do it during the day, just recording it on Audacity.

The weekend was hectic enough, with team meeting and podcast and further potential filking time, that I forgot to turn in my unemployment update. I then had to wait until Wednesday to do it, which I did first thing, but still haven’t gotten my check.

My shoulder is about 80% now. It felt a lot better this morning than it does tonight, but the amount of movement has definitely improved.

Guess that’s about it for now.



Opening Festival of the Living Rooms 2

This Friday I will be the opening act for an all-weekend music festival called Festival of the Living Rooms 2. I will be performing at 5 pm Eastern time. You can probably find links to it by searching Facebook for Festival of the Living Rooms. They offered me an hour, but my shoulder still hurts too much from my auto accident on April 15. It hurts to put my right arm over the guitar, although the pain gets less each day and the flexibility increases a slight amount.