I’ve had it good financially since my accident in April. Not so good as to own shares in Lockheed or anything of the sort, but I’m almost out of debt and on track for the rest. But I haven’t been able to find work, and am even more limited in what I can do as a result of (a) the accident (diminishing my prospects as a driver) and (b) the injuries resultant from the accident (diminshing my physical abilities). There is also the age factor.

I’ve been trying to find work in PC repair and installation, especially software installation. No nibbles. I’m sure I could make a go of it on my own if I had any money to weather the startup, but I don’t. And the Covid money is gone in a month, reducing my income by over $500/week, so things get really desparate then.

The shoulder is bad enough that it hurts some to play guitar. I was blessed with Lee Billings’s Alvarez, which is only a half-depth body, and that helps, although of course the sound is not the same. But I’m not playing much. I have had two people suggest I put out another CD; my response is, I sold maybe 4 dozen copies of the first one, including to those who funded the production of it.

If anyone knows of any way for me to make real money, please let me know. I can’t scam or steal, and I can’t do heavy work or, for that matter, do anything which requires much standing or lifting. Computers is where my heart is, and there is more money there if I can find a job. But I’ll listen to anything. I do get a few gifts from my podcast audience, but hardly enough to call income.