Frustration Day

I was awakened by phone calls – four of them between 6 and 8 am – for jobs at Washburn School (3 calls for the same job, they were persistent). I had already scheduled today to be in Asheville working for AWH, so I couldn’t accept these. In the end, however, it turns out that the person funding AWH is concerned we’re spending too much money with no results, ignoring the fact that we’ve only made first contacts and need to forge relationships, and so it was decided that I was not going anywhere.

I called Census to see where my money was from working for them. They owe me $1,014.xx. It turned out they did not correct the banking information, which correction was made over a month ago. So they still had the money, and could not even be bothered to go to step 2, which is to mail me a check. They did not tell me how soon it would be fixed.

I went to the bank to deposit the check received from AWH, and was told that the bank (credit union) is ending their remote banking program, which was an incredible boon to us as we could move money from our credit union in California to our local credit union with no time or expense to the transfer. This was the main reason for using this credit union. I’m guessing we will be closing our account.

My supervisor at AWH said he would be getting me more work to do today. I do not see any way, besides going back to Asheville, that we could make an effective day out of it, as the funder is looking for results, i.e., sales. The best that could be done today is more first contacts. The money would be better spent in the telemarketing wing… or the funder could increase funding, which would pay off soonest, but it’s not my job to present this to him.

So I’m sitting at home on a day I could have had one of two jobs at a local school and should have been on the road, with no money materializing yet from the Census job already completed (over two months ago), and it feels pretty bad. And tomorrow I have to go for my first refitting of my temporary dentures (the lower plate fits very poorly with some pain). Which means I can’t work tomorrow either.


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