Monthly Archive: January 2021

Dealing with it

Actually, I’m not dealing with it, much. My cousin Judy gets to do all the heavy lifting. I don’t even know whether there’s anything in it for me, other than a couple of oblique comments.

So I’m just plugging along. It’s difficult to work when you have two jobs. Worse when one of them is usually closed due to covid issues and the other hasn’t really gotten started yet and is not funded.

Life has been real at least. We cringe at every drop of news about the outgoing President, get cheered up by talk of covid relief funds, are surprised when someone donates an item or some money through my Sponsus account.

I missed the last mintCast podcast because I had an online concert to do, which, despite all my instruments rebelling and refusing to stay in tune, did not go badly. We almost had a team meeting today, might have a team meeting tomorrow, I have another podcast to do on Wednesday morning (Distrohoppers’ Digest) before next Sunday’s mintCast. And I keep breathing, and probably eating too much. A very minute percentage of whatever I’ve been drinking actually had any alcoholic content, and I don’t feel any need to increase it.

My home studio is in flux right now. One computer has been determined to not only be underpowered for my use but also have a short in it which messes with sound quality, the other has an obsolete video card which will be remedied shortly when a friend sends me a different one and I get a power cable to accommodate it. I have been given another laptop, a small, light one, to go with my big-heavy laptop. The big laptop is serving as my main machine right now, and it’s more than up to the task despite it being a late 2014 model.

I still have two guitars in need of light repair, and one of my cars has been hanging on for dear life for quite a while after sacrificing much of its lifes-blood over a lot of years and miles. But it’s enough. And I’m being cared for as much as is needed, although not much more.

I have hopes and dreams of finally launching the plans for the future of the bardic college, which will likely remain on hold for the rest of 2021.

That’s my life. How’s yours? My email has not changed unless you haven’t checked it for 8 years…


Happy New Year

We are almost done with the clown show in Washington, time to go back to boring normal ineffective governing by Democrats. My mom is back in the hospital with covid pneumonia. I have a concert on the 9th via Zoom. I have two jobs but no income other than SSA. Life is being quite lifelike. I hope yours is good.