I’ve been getting 10 or 11 days of work (some half-days) per month as a substitute teacher. It’s not enough but better than nothing. More work is getting done on It’s Moss, I’m still doing my biweekly mintCast episodes and my almost-monthly Distrohoppers’ Digest episodes. I’m hoping to get more podcasting work. Hey, I’m almost famous!

We still don’t know the status of my mother’s estate but assume we will shortly. It is holding up things quite a bit, but I’d still rather have my mother to talk to. I’m leaning on friends I’ve only had for a few months or years.

I haven’t done any music for a few months. I have a few songs in my head, and am working on an old Pete Seeger song nobody plays anymore.

If you’re reading this, I’d love to hear from you.