Leaving mintCast

I have, with a heavy heart, decided to leave the team at mintCast podcast. I started with the rest of the team currently working (except for a couple newer additions) in October 2018. In terms of who has hosted this show, which has run since Nov 2008, I’m currently #9 on the list, although in a few months I could fall to #10 as my friend Tony Hughes passes me.

I still have Distrohoppers’ Digest, which I started with Tony Hughes and now also host with Dale Miracle, and am the solo voice of Full Circle Weekly News, 10 minutes or less each week of news of Linux and open source software.

I have been under increasing stress since the loss of my mother in January, and I did an evaluation of what I was doing and found I was taking 25-30 hours per month working on mintCast. Some of that was due to thinking I was underqualified and I kept trying to find things I could do to make myself useful, even indispensible. All I managed was to make myself feel less secure in my skills.

mintCast was my first ever podcast, although I had been lobbying Jupiter Broadcasting for many months for a podcast they apparently didn’t want to do. I learned more about Linux and open source software while on the show than everything I knew about it beforehand. Still, I could not manage to parlay that into a job in computers, something I’ve wanted since 1980. I do have a few sponsors at Sponsus.org, and am very thankful for all the friendship and support — and lots of free computer stuff — I’ve gotten.

I hope you’ll keep listening to my other podcasts, and I also hope to lasso another newscast if I can manage it.


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