New Horizons

The school year is over, to begin again August 4. My mother’s estate is about to get funded, upon the completed sale of her house. The company I’m working for has produce being marketed in a chain of 4 stores and another chain of 56 stores is trying to get on board, and the cell service resale company is only a few steps away from getting going.

We are hoping to find a house to move to in a safe location, with a lender who will look at our future. That may not happen. We will have the money to move soon, and take care of the remaining obligations. But we may be stuck here, because nobody wants to lend anything less than $80,000 and we cannot afford that kind of house payment long term. We are looking at all our options, but there are no options until the trust gets funded or income is flowing in.

Treading water. What I do best. Sad that it must continue.


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