Monthly Archive: July 2021

R.I.P. Paula Caplan

I just learned that my friend Paula Caplan passed away a week ago. She befriended me well over a decade ago and I worked with her on her activism in mental health diagnosis and care. I will miss her. I have not been in touch much since I deleted my Facebook account, where I used to manage a group for her. We shared many beliefs, spiritually and mundanely, and it was a pleasure to be associated with her.

Or Not Moving There, Or Wait…

The prospect of a move is fading away from us but we are keeping our options open. No money yet from the trust, but it should happen in the next week or so. Hope so, or we will have trouble getting through this month.

I have managed to write a couple more songs lately. Actually three this year, which puts it up there among my best years “not 1998”. I performed “Incomplete” for the first time at Eurofilk yesterday, and Gary McGath called is a “powerful song” and Karl Johan Noren was quite taken with it and thanked me for attending. I probably have another Eurofilk in me before school starts up again.