I guess it has been a while since I last posted.

I have learned that it takes too much out of me to work as a substitute teacher. One day of work, which feels great while I’m doing it and I love the kids, means 3 days of recuperation. I’m going to have to let the job go.

We’re still waiting for the debt to finish going away. Three more months at the most. Got another payday in a few days.

I haven’t been doing so well in my investments to date, although they may work out in the long term. The good news is I’m only doing small amounts, and the bad news is, even if I strike it big with each stock, I only did small amounts.

I haven’t had the energy or, sometimes, time to do any performing lately. I really wanted to two days last week and had something come up to keep me from doing so. My health has been close to poor, with a lot more pain than before. I’m still getting up and taking care of myself, but it’s not easy. I need to get a storage place and start moving stuff out of the trailer so we can clean more easily, and it will be easier to move with most of the stuff in storage already.

Otherwise, not much going on. I’m still doing two podcasts – one weekly, one approximately every 4-5 weeks – and getting good responses from various people about them. The new teeth are helping a little, although they are far from perfect.

Guess that will do for now.