I haven’t thought about this blog for a long time now. There is nothing monumental happening, but I’m still having trouble keeping going day to day. Not particularly depressed, but I just don’t have much energy, and going out and doing ANYTHING, just the driving alone takes too much out of me.

I’m still doing my three podcasts. One is weekly, by myself, and results in a <10 minute newscast; one is monthly-or-thereabouts, now with three other hosts, and usually comes in under 1 hour and 15 minutes; and the third we have weekly meetings. Anywhere from two to six of us, with a rotating cast depending on availability, meet weekly, do an open cast on one of every two Saturday meetings but don’t record it, and record a show every other Sunday which gets split into two podcasts released weekly. Yeah, I’m confused too. But I keep busy in a sense.

We got our second car all fixed up. Cost us a lot of money, only a small amount of which was covered by insurance. But we have two good cars now.

We still haven’t been able to SAVE anything to speak of. And with mortgage rates zooming to the sky, even when we DO have enough saved for a down payment on a house or property, we won’t be able to afford the mortgage. But we keep hoping.

Socially and religiously, we are at zero. Virtually nobody calls us except for one cousin, although there are still a few people who are happy to hear from us when we call them. I get feeling really isolated, even lonely. Nobody to practice anything with.

I do have a concert coming up next month in Charleston, South Carolina. We are also taking an extra day so Suzanne can see the ocean while we’re there, instead of spending the whole weekend stuck inside the convention hotel. If you feel like calling, please do… although mornings are probably not good.