Monthly Archive: May 2022

New Car of Mystery

We have replaced the Hyundai. In fact, we sold the Hyundai to the dealer who sold us the new car, paid off the loan, and had a couple hundred to spare.

The new car is a 2011 Chevy Cruze. Black. In better shape than you could expect a 2011 car to be. But…

We are the 8th owner. Yes, the 7th owner was just an auction house, presumably it was traded in on a new car. But 6 owners in 11 years?

We have discovered, reading the Carfax report, that one shop in Knoxville had serviced it 5 times, for 2 different owners. We will be going there tomorrow to check them out and see if anyone there knows anything.

We also found a service record in the glove box which had not been reported to Carfax. So I did just that. I’ve had an open account at for several years.

Is this Cruze going to be the answer to our prayers, or just another disappointment? We will have more information tomorrow.



Always behind

A lot has been happening here. The relationship is up and down but mostly up. The new car we bought about 8 months ago is garbage, having shredded its timing belt thus rendering the engine kaput. I played a concert at a convention in Charleston, SC last weekend. I have another scheduled online for September. It looks as if we won’t have enough money to attend Chambanacon in November, nor will we have the down payment money saved for land or a house. It’s bad enough getting kicked when you’re down, but getting kicked harder when you’re finally able to get up is no more fun.

We continue to have zero friends visiting, except for a friendly trucker who comes through every few months. We have nobody to drop in on, either.

Life goes on. I still don’t think I could go back to teaching even 2 days a week. But I may have to try.