Too many shovels

So, it’s like I’m not keeping up on my blog. Or remembering which one to keep up on. I have this one, Dreamwidth, LinuxQuestions, three podcasts, and so on. I have been trying to work two days per week as a substitute teacher in the local school district but can’t stay healthy enough; so far only three days’ work. I was supposed to work tomorrow, but have a really bad chest cold, so I cancelled. I did get a podcast out two days ago, and should have another one to do in a day or two and need to get ready for one on the 18th and another on the 21st. Then I have a concert to do on the 24th, which I’m not taking enough time to get ready for. I put new strings on Carols but they are taking forever to stretch enough to remain in tune. I still need to get Lee and Gwen to repair shop for minor issues, and eventually need to get new strings for Rosaleen (25 of them!) and learn how to string her.

Nope, don’t have a thing to do.

Things are going better nearly all the time in the marriate. We are closing in on the six year mark, beyond the previous record. The 29th of this month she will have been here for six years, and two months after that will be our 6th wedding anniversary. We are still going back and forth over whether we are going to Chambanacon to celebrate (and potentially look at houses); neither of us really want to move to Illinois, but it would be safer and we would have some friends not far. Also, there are some really cheap houses, assuming we could find anyone to loan us money on them. But if we can find something in Eastern Tennessee, we will be much happier. Worse people, better scenery.

Guess that’s enough for now.


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