Hi everyone!

We’re back from the Handfasting!  Had a wonderful time, and I LOVE MY WILLOW!!!!!!  The Handfasting was lovely, the couple was very nice, we got a little vacation outside of Gatlinburg… and they gave me a check for $150, which was totally uncalled for but very welcome.

Willow and I did out Declaration Ceremony on Saturday Night under the stars… I suppose we’re engaged now, with the engagement period being until June 29, 2004.  If we’re still happy and content with each other then, we’ll get married/handfasted.  I’m so very happy, and she is so beautiful!!!!!

It couldn’t have happened without Raine’s loan of her Bronco.  Thank you Raine!!!!!  Goddess has blessed us with good friends and fortuitous circumstances.

May Goddess bless each of you as She has blessed us!

Huge hippo hugs,

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