SerpentStone Ostara

I was blessed when my “little sister” Aianna decided she would love to drive me to my Family’s Ostara Festival this weekend (along with her son, Tristan).  I wish to name those who further blessed me over this weekend:

Owl, Mau, Rhiannon, Mortir, Meade, Bearhammer, Kelshei, Deerhawke, Brigid, 5, and landowners Cathy and Steve.  These people are among the dearest to my heart.  They would defend and protect me if need be, or just share conversations and hugs.  It was also great to see Dreaming Wolf and Spirit Wolf, Astarte, Phoenix Tears… the list goes on and on.  The drumming and dancing was inspired.  I would comment on the rituals and workshops, but was too sick to attend them.

There were many other blessings, despite the freezing weather Friday night, and many other wonderful people.  We also remembered our passed brothers and family members not in attendance.  The conversation Saturday night after Main Ritual was the type that would keep me alive for months, and I look forward to returning to beautiful Splendor Hollow come Beltane.  I attend every festival I can, especially those held at Splendor Hollow, regardless of my health, because my health and attitudes always are improved during these gathers and upon returning home.  I can’t wait to live closer to the site and have my own transportation, both of which should happen by this Autumn.


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