Well, I was going to type something wonderful, but that will have to wait until next paragraph.  I just logged in and ONCE AGAIN had to use their New Updated Xanga Page, which I have refused to use many times over the past few years AND written them telling me to stop asking.  So if I get my hackles up and can’t get them back down, this could be my last post.  Xanga wants to do things I don’t need or want, and is not listening to me.

OK, now for the good news.  I just last night got offered a contract to be Senior Editor at Eternal Press.  The percentage offered was a point or two lower than expected, but the workload described was less than half what I’m doing now.  I am very happy… but will wait until I have a signed contract in my hand to announce it in the Outside World.  I’m telling my family, closest friends, and fellow Xangaers only at this time.

Hope I can get through to Xanga that I don’t like their improvements.  I know I’ve been too busy to post, but this is home for me.


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  1. Broom_Service

    Congratulations!!! I hope that you have said contract in hand soon! I’m having a bit o’ problems with Xanga myself today. *sigh* It is home to me too.

  2. mordewis

    I mailed it today. Don’t know how soon it will be signed and returned. BTW, I was actually given TWO contracts, one as Senior Editor and one as Editor/Copyeditor. This could give me additional percentages if pressed into service as an Editor.


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