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Hi, me…

Well, Cindie just told me that she is not going to move to Asheville, essentially broke up with me…  which is great, means I have to keep myself together until Saturday… snif… some forevers just last longer than others I suppose…  I’d better not write any more right now, too shaky… 

Hi, me!

Well, I got real sleepy early, like about 8 pm, and went on to bed.  Didn’t work.  I woke up around Midnight, and haven’t been able to sleep since.  snif

I got a comment from some Christian who seemed to think that dropping John 3:16 would have a positive effect on me.  Like I came to believe what I do with no contact with Christianity.  Hey, I’m an ordained minister already… just not in your religion…  It was a long road, with many hard, well thought-out, conscious decisions that led me to where I am today.

“Know thou that all thy seeking and yearning will avail thee not, unless thou knowest the mystery: that if what thou seekest thou findest not within thee, thou wilt never find it without.”  The answer is in your heart, not your bible.  Please don’t preach to me again.  I’ve heard it all, and probably know the bible better than you do.  ‘Nuff said.

Well, maybe I’m finally getting sleepy again… hope so… good night!

Huge hippo hugs,

Hi, me! 

Well, I made it safely to Cindie’s, I’ll probably be here for a week… looking forward to my stay here, got a lot of things to work out and music to play and and and and

I’m tying up cindie’s computer while she sits and watches me type, so I’ll quit for now… just wanted anyone who was worried about me to know I got here safely…

Talk to me later!


I just found out that I can’t get into the adult prison at Morganton if I go tomorrow, and would have to be there even earlier to get into the youth facility… I think it’s a signal, so I will stay home and get my sleep and be rested when I go to Kentucky.  There is plenty of time to be involved in the Pagan Prison Ministry, don’t have to rush into it.  I have sent Carla an email about it.

I just got emails from my old friend Gustavo Rzoncsinsky in Buenos Aires, Argentina… he has been having a hard time, but is still working, and is also involved in the anti-war effort.  Nice to know we still have something in common.

Well, I have to go finish getting this place cleaned up for Esbat tonight.  Talk to me later!


I went to a peace vigil downtown tonight… it was one of many scheduled across the world.  We had well over 200 people there, packed the little park we were in, everyone with candles, singing songs… I hope they heard us all the way off the in Azores.  I took some pictures, will have to get them developed and scanned, but there were lots of cameras there so there will probably be pictures available a long time before mine are ready.

Ate some potato chips… Kettle Chips, Burgundy and Aged Cheese… they were yummy.

After that, came home, talked with Cindie on the computer, Rhonda on the phone, and John in my living room.  Overall, a good day.  I’m getting a lot of responses in my Alt-Therapies4Bipolar YahooGroup, and one of my members there is also Wiccan, so we’ve started talking about that, too!  Lots of good conversation on all fronts.

That’s about it for now.  Talk to me later.


One of my friends sent me a test… I don’t know what the results mean, but here goes…

Paranoid: Low
Schizoid: Low
Schizotypal: Very High
Antisocial: Moderate
Borderline: Moderate
Histrionic: Very High
Narcissistic: High
Avoidant: High
Dependent: Very High
Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate

The test is at

I have not checked out their definitions or ratings scales yet… but it meant something to my friend, and it is worth investigating…


by Moss Bliss

Today our dreams did not come home
They blazed a trail across the sky
Today our hearts fell, weighted stones
Our heroes failed, our stories died

Cho. Fly, Columbia! Take our prayers high
First of the fleet, and the second to die
Fly, Columbia! Go with our love
Follow the Challenger home…

We watched them, helpless, from below
The fiery tongues shot wildly forth
No hand could raise to quench the flow
A nation’s tears would drench the earth


Another stepping stone to space
Has vanished, flaming, from our sight
And many wonder if our race
Can keep the courage to take flight


Remember now, with every breath,
The loved ones mourning in their shrouds.
But do not mock our heroes’ deaths —
We forge ahead beyond the clouds.


© 2003 (2/21-24) by Gerald L. “Moss” Bliss, all rights reserved.

Hippos Roam Colombian Drug Lord’s Abandoned Ranch

Jan 23, 10:07 AM (ET)

By Ibon Villelabeitia

PUERTO TRIUNFO, Colombia (Reuters) – Ten hippopotamuses roam wild among the ruins of the late drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s abandoned country home, leaving huge footprints in the mud and scaring the wits out of the local cows.

The hippos are all that remain of Escobar’s private zoo. In his heyday in the 1980s, Escobar imported elephants, rhinoceroses, lions, giraffes and other exotic beasts to his lavish ranch at Puerto Triunfo, 100 miles north of Bogota in central Colombia, as a testament to his fabulous wealth.

Most of the animals were confiscated by the authorities and transferred to zoos after the cocaine lord was gunned down by police in 1993 in Medellin. But the hippos were left behind.

Despite the absence of a keeper, the Nile hippos — some of which weigh 2 tonnes — have flourished and reproduced on a muddy lake near the Magdalena River as if it were their natural terrain. And for six of the hippos born there, it is.

“I’ve never heard of anything like this in my life,” Steve Thompson, a hippo expert at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo, said in a telephone interview. He has traveled to Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania to study the behavior and life of hippos.

“I’ve only seen hippos living in the wild in Africa but I guess that if they have the right food and the right water habitat they can do pretty well in Colombia.”

The short-legged, hairless mammals share the estate with a few families of war refugees. The refugees fled their homes after leftist rebels attacked their villages and took up residence at Escobar’s ranch. They live in the once-luxurious guest homes which stand decaying under the tropical sun. Hens strut beneath laundry lines hung with ragged clothing.

A dozen refugee children play in the grounds all day, and the hippos watch them from the lake. Only the tops of the hippos’ massive, reddish-brown heads and their constantly twitching ears show above the water. If the children come too close to the shore, the hippos snort and bluster and open their jaws menacingly, or make a rolling dive, to scare them away.

Nile hippos are plant-eaters, have a life expectancy of up to 40 years and can weigh up to 4.5 tonnes, Thompson said.

At nightfall, the hippo herd leaves the lake and wanders about the ranch, grazing on the grassy slopes and making sorties to the stables, where they savor the salt lick, a large block of salt for farm animals.

The refugees, unfamiliar with the ways of the giant African herbivores, have tried repeatedly to fence them in with barbed wire to thwart their raids on the salt lick and keep them from upsetting the cows. But to a hippo, a barbed-wire fence is an annoyance, not an obstacle.

“They tear down the fence every time I put it up and turn everything into a mess. But what can I do? They are huge,” said Luis Perea, 64, pointing frantically at a flattened barbed-wire fence crossed by a trail of hippo tracks the size and shape of dinner plates.


The 7,400-acre Hacienda Napoles, in Antioquia province, became the symbol of Escobar’s billion-dollar empire and of his extravagant lifestyle — a place of wonders, wild parties and debauchery.

Escobar built an airport, artificial lakes, swimming pools, a bull-ring, a garden with 100,000 fruit trees and towering cement dinosaurs. He assembled his menagerie to entertain guests, who included politicians, judges, soccer stars and beauty queens.

The zoo, which offered free bus tours to the public, had hundreds of exotic and rare animals from every corner of the world — from black swans to Arabian camels to flamingos.

“The Godfather,” as Escobar was nicknamed, purchased and imported the animals without bothering to get any permits and chartered ships to bring them home from Africa and Asia.

“I saw the hippopotamuses, the giraffes, the zebras, the lions enter the ranch on trucks,” said Marcos, a 24-year-old taxi driver who sold lollipops at the gates of the ranch when he was a child. “This was paradise on earth.”

All that is left of the zoo is a rusty, pocked sign that reads: “Welcome to Napoles Zoological Nature Park.” For a while, there were some leftover zebras, but the last one grew old and senile and vanished into the jungle, witnesses said.

Napoles harks back to a time when flamboyant Colombian drug barons flaunted their riches and bombed and killed anyone who got in their way. Escobar, who rose from tombstone robber to one of the world’s most famous and feared criminals, had amassed a fortune of $3 billion by age 33.

Drug lords today maintain low profiles, largely because of new laws that allow them to be extradited to the United States. Still, Colombia exports more cocaine than ever.


After it was seized by the state, Hacienda Napoles fell into disuse and oblivion. The mansions were looted by locals in search of the fortunes rumored to be hidden inside walls and floors. The light airplane used by Escobar for his first shipment of cocaine to the United States was lowered from atop the ranch’s main gates and dismantled by souvenir seekers.

Napoles now belongs to the children. They explore the skeletons of Escobar’s vine-covered quarters, where lizards sunbathe on walls. They play hide-and-seek in the empty, moss-covered pools where the drug barons once bathed and cavorted in luxury.

The carport still houses a number of rusting, gangster-era American cars with flat tires — including one that Escobar riddled with bullets to make it look more authentic — and the children sit on the rotting upholstery and pretend to drive.

They scramble over the abandoned hovercraft, motorcycles with sidecars and a colonial-era horse carriage. The tyrannosaurus rex and brontosaurus are their private jungle gyms.

Many of them have hair-raising stories of being forced to flee their homes at dawn after seeing relatives killed by rebels or right-wing militias fighting in the country’s four-decade war, but in Napoles they seem happy.

“We have a lot of fun here. We have all this place to play,” said Leo, 13.

Sitting under a cool, swaying acacia as he swatted at the droning mosquitoes, Perea, who scratches out a living with his cows and banana trees, said he sometimes misses his hometown in western Choco province.

“I used to play the guitar at night and sing and drink with my friends, but I had to leave my guitar in the village. I miss my country but this is my home now,” he said, looking at the hippos in the lake. “I guess I am like the hippos. They also came from a far place but now they are happy here.”

Good day already… Talked to my sweet Cindie twice!

Got Serenity in the mail today, took one already, going to add it in gradually.  This bottle could last me a couple months, there are 90 pills.  They sent me a silly CD with it, nice case though.

John and I are going out to breakfast, then going to see “Bringing Down the House” with Steve Martin and Queen Latifah.  Might do something after the movie too.  Then I’ll get back online and hope Cindie is still up.

I printed out my 2003 Hooters Calendar that my ex-wife Laura sent me.  It’s a one-page calendar… with pictures of different species of owls each month.  What a hoot!

Well, I’d better go get ready, might as well shave or something, LOL.  Hugs to my readers, if any.  Nice talking to me.  Talk to me later.

Hi, it’s me again… Nothing happening today…

John and I went out last night to Barley’s, had some Beefalo calzones with lots of stuff in them… lots of beer, haven’t had that much in a long time… slept from about midnight until 5:30 and then again from about 7 until 3 pm…

Signed up for a peace vigil on Sunday… my calendar is filling up a bit.

That’s about it for now.  Talk to me later.