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Postmates Bust

So I’m trying to find something I can do which will pay better than what pennies I’m making at O’Reilly. I’m getting an almost-decent hourly rate but not enough hours. So the first thing to try is another delivery service. I checked around, and nationally Postmates makes better money per hour that Uber Eats, GrubHub, etc. So I sign up for it.

I got my packet. They told me to get my debit card set up. They didn’t tell me what it was for. So I go out my first day without it, and the first call I get requires me to use the card to pay for the order. Oh, so THAT’s what it’s for. As I live about 45 minutes away from the site I was picking food up at, I had to cancel the order. So at this point, I figure I have to pay for every order with the card, don’t have the card, so I have to go home. This also means I don’t really have time to go back out, so it waits until the next day. This is a Monday.  It does turn out that my assumption was not true, that there are many orders I could pick up which are pre-paid.

I go out Tuesday. OK, Postmates said their best days were Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but I didn’t have those days off. So I’m out on a Tuesday. I’m out for 9 hours, got 4 calls. This is especially frustrating in that they keep pushing at me that if I go on 40 calls in my first 10 days, they will round whatever I make up (not including my tips) to $350. Well, I’m only 10% of the way there, have gone out two days, and have 6 of the next 9 days unavailable due to my other job.

I go out Wednestday. A bit better, 8 calls. Still not even a third of the way toward the 40 calls. I’m getting decent tips, both in terms of how many people tip me (well over 50%) and about half the tips are $5+.

Now I have to work Thursday, Friday and Saturday at O’Reilly’s, have Sunday off, and then work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

I’m not 26 years old anymore. I can’t put in 12 hour days or 7 day weeks. But I have to try for that 40 trips. So I’m out today, Sunday. I’ve been out since before 11 am, and it’s now after 4 pm, and I’ve had 5 more trips. Not 15. Five. And I can’t work again until Thursday, and my time runs out on the 40-trip promotion on Friday at 6:15 pm.

I’m a bit bummed. I’m not making enough money to quit working at O’Reilly no matter how many days I go out. I’m not getting close to the same hourly rate even with the good tips.

I hope you can see how this doesn’t look like it’s going to work out. Maybe it’s the wrong time of year. Maybe it would do better in Spring or Summer or… But waaah.  We’re paying our bills but having to not get many things we need. So far we have enough food.

Looking for another idea.

Oh, and I went to a place offering food last night, supposed to start at 6 pm. I found out it was a holy roller revival service, and if you lived through the over 2 hours of service you would get food. It triggered my autism with the crowds and noise, and I didn’t want to leave my wife at home (not feeling well for weeks). I’d already been out 9 hours for work at O’Reilly’s. I left feeling kinda bummed on that, although a guy came out of the church to ask if I was all right, heard that I was not, and said I could come by “tomorrow” (now today) and get food if there was any left. Considering it is about a 50 minute drive from anywhere, I don’t think I’m going.

I typed this all while not getting Postmates calls, it’s now about 4:30 pm. Most people don’t order food in the early afternoon.


Visit to the Aliens

I get to visit the aliens for a probing tomorrow. They operate out of a facility within the University of Tennessee Medical Center. I’m supposed to do this every 10 years, and I’m overdue, although I’ve heard some people say their doctors tell them every three years. I’m getting a bit dizzy right now due to a lack of solid food. The fun starts tonight when I have to start drinking the solution. And then my wife will need to drive me home from the probe, during Knoxville rush hour trafficf.

I checked my paycheck. O’Reilly’s was nice enough to drop an extra $50 on me. The listing said “HOL GIFT”.

Better stop typing now. Dizziness often reveals itself in less than balance…

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season. Good health to all.

Huge hippo hugs,


My boss finally heard me say that I needed 4 days of work per week. He scheduled me Mon-Thu this coming week. Hope it continues. We’re about as low as we can go and still keep our bills paid, although we are dropping more into debt on the gas card.

I have now been a real podcaster for over a year, started last October. I even started my own podcast back in April, and the reception has been better than expected although not exactly overwhelming– we have yet to get close to 500 downloads, but that’s still 400 more than we thought we would get when we started. It’s just me and my friend Tony Hughes in England, rambling on about different distros of Linux, so of course it’s a niche of a niche of a niche market; our other podcast is averaging over 3,300 downloads.

Just keeping up day to day stuff, and getting ready for my annual trip to Atlanta in January. I’m serious considering taking only one guitar and the harp, although I’ll probably take two.

My birthday is Wednesday. I’ll be nearly twice as old as I ever thought I’d be. Yeah, my family generally is long-lived but I’ve been the exception to everything, the idiot sheep that everyone gave up on and let him roam off. I think Suzanne and I will go to Maryville next Saturday to hear an Americana singer-songwriter who runs the MeWe songwriting group I’m in, would be good to get out for a change. Hope I don’t go all autistic on the crowd size, but maybe it won’t be too bad.

I’m starting to think that I have multiple emotional states/ages. Not personalities… things trigger me to how I would react(badly) at a certain age. I can be trying to have a conversation over a few other tasks I’m doing, and then one more question will trigger me and I start screaming. I don’t engage in name-calling but I do scream or yell. I don’t know how Suzanne handles it, and somewtimes she doesn’t, but she understands it as it is demonstrably consistent. I don’t know how to manage it, although I’m going to ask someone I trust if he can help me. This is a new thing, just the past 3 years, maybe something about Suzanne is triggering me; I don’t remember having this issue in ast relationships. Forget you ever read this, it is too personal.

Well, my coffee is ready, I’ve had my shower, and it’s only a few hours until the podcast. I am so very grateful for my listeneres, they have been gifting me with cool computer stuff and even a little money, and it always helps to know you’re doing something which someone out there appreciates. I have set up a place online where people can become patrons of my podcasting work, although nobody has yet joined; thought it was worth it to give them options.

Great Blizzard of 2019

We just had our first snowfall of the season. Got maybe 1-2″ all over the cars and porch… didn’t stick in road areas so much. We did drive to Rutledge and turn in some paperwork. Very little traffic on the road.

And to top it off, here is a shot of our new kitten, rescued from a life as a frozen feral cat. His name is Gremlin.

Same title as before

I’m getting lots of job offers from phony compnaies, and the only actual job offers I’m getting are from companies which did not bother to read my resume (i.e., sales organizations and call centers).

I’ve received yet another Raspberry Pi, this one a 3B from my friend Tony Hughes in England. That is the 3rd Pi I’ve received, and still have these last two, the other being a 2B+. I am getting a lot of love from my listeners, for which I am quite grateful.

I’m reviewing Zorin OS this month. I’m finding it to not be as advertised — it is supposed to be a Linux version of Windows, but instead it’s a Windows-like re-theming of Gnome. There are so many differences between Gnome 3 Desktop and Windows Desktop, mostly in that a lot of things work differently and there are a lot more things hidden in the interface.

I started my 7-day every-two-week vacation. I should be grateful, but I’ve asked for more hours and my manager seems unwilling to even consider the possibility. Today we did a bit of shopping, it was drippy. We each called our surviving parent. We watched  lot of TV. We got no calls for jobs.

I got a nice comment on the Jupiter Broadcasting Telegram group, that my opinion could have been valuable on a just-recorded show. Distrohoppers’ Digest Episode 007 is already over 300 downloads, in about a week of being available. There really are good things happening, but in true Moss fashion, none of them appear to head toward me being able to support myself and my wife any better. I hope I’m wrong about that.

All my titles are the same

Mom is out of the hospital again and in Southland Rehab. She may go home, we don’t know.

I have a job interview today, and, from the look of things on the website, it may be lower pay and worse conditions than what I have now. What fun.

I installed Ubuntu Budgie on my former Ubuntu MATE partition, and don’t get boot at all, except I can get there with Esc > exit, which brings up the Linux Mint Grub Customizer boot menu and that works.

Our new kitten had his mother visit us. She sat out on the driveway and glared at the house for about an hour. I guess she missed Gremlin, but he’s ours now. Cecil and Narasimha don’t like the new addition, and have not been nice to him yet.

I sent out an email to all active members of Triad Bardic College. Hope it gets response. I need to get out from under my difficulties and get to work on TBC. Also my music.

We’ll be recording (Tony and me) Distrohoppers’ Digest on Wednesday morning. Yay!

Lots of stuff going on. I’m loving my two “new” laptops. I’m having issues dealing with UEFI that I hadn’t dealt with before using Legacy Boot, but I’ll learn.

Sometimes I just get so upset with myself. People try to explain things to me and I just can’t understand it. Although usually there are 3 or 4 people trying to explain it to me at the same time, and I just get confused, even when I fgure out what to try it seems I’m not smart enough to figure it out. Sometimes someone just has to give me line by line instructions. And even then I don’t know what I’m doing, but I can at least describe it to them when it doesn’t work.

And someone is always telling me what I should do. I’m barely coping with life now, but I should add 30 hours of class and study to my life. I just don’t have the energy.

End of whine.

Going for a Digital Swim

A listener to my podcasts donated a really great laptop computer to me, without asking or even giving me a warning other than that I would be receiving a package from him. I then negotiated with him and swapped an item I had for sale for another computer, better in some ways and what I was looking for. I now have better computers than I have ever had, even though they are a few years old. Everything I ever wanted, from a company I would even want to work for if I could bear the altitude.

I have mostly set up one of them to replace my Lenovo ThinkPad T430, and put that one up for sale on eBay. It probably won’t sell right away, as I put the price a little on the high side and had bad pictures, also I should probably put Windows on it for a quicker sale.

In so many ways, my short podcasting career has been such a blessing. But it does constantly emphasize how poor I am compared to most other computer people. I need a good-paying job. Preferably in computers.

Creativity Relocation

I had a lot of fun doing my monthly Distrohoppers’ Digest podcast yesterday. Then I had to get back to work, applying for whatever I could — jobs, help — to get by the next few months. It was exhausting. Sure wish I could justify podcasting for a living, and making one at it. Well, I have taken a step in that direction, as I now have a Sponsus account so people can do monthly donations to my podcasting work, which will get me more decent gear to help with the podcasts. But it’s back to work today, and I really don’t want to do it.

9/20 Ramble

I got a day off. I was supposed to get 2 days off, but I did take most of Tuesday off with dental problems and my team member has family issues, so I’m going in to work today. I’m planning on being on the next episode of mintCast, although I’m not sure what I will actually contribute other than my dulcet tones. And Wednesday is another episode of Distrohoppers’ Digest. We are more broke than I could imagine. Suzanne is taking a class in income tax preparation, so in a few months she might have a job. We discovered last night that our new printer does a nice job of two-sided printing. We went to Sevierville PNO last night and visited with Rick and Ruth, as we do nearly every month.


My new job, which other than being full time while slated for part time was wonderful, has just gone to part time, starting next week. But my wonderful manager is also gone, canned by our slimeball DM and moved to another store. I don’t have a good read on the new manager yet, but at least I’m finally part time. Even so, the culture at the job was supposed to be “Honesty, Integrity, Courtesy” and has changed to “Watch Your Back”.

Something got me back into wanting to play music, and I instantly found two great songs to learn, one by my oldest friend, Blind Lemming Chiffon, and the other by an old folkie, Dick Pinney. And then I bought the local newspaper (a weekly I haven’t gotten around to buying in a long time) to discover there is a nearby open mic (the last of the year, sad to say). So I’m going out tonight to play, hope it goes well.

I have a lot of life to reassemble which had been sidelined by the full-time-ness of the new job. I’ll need to get back into mintCast, but need to miss one more show to get rested up. The Bardic College is just sitting there doing nothing, but that’s approximately all it had done for years earlier so I can still find a way to resurrect it when I have time to do so.

I’m still a difficult husband. But my difficult wife is figuring it out better as we go along, and we’ve stuck together for nearly 3 years now.

I still have to figure out what to do with this Raspberry Pi I was given, and have to put together a fundraiser for the Distrohoppers’ Digest show. I have a pledge of $50, a donation of $30, only need about $120 more and I’ll have the laptop I really need.

Hope things are going well for whoever may be reading this. Feel free to comment.

Huge Hippo Hugs,