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Quiet Time

I assure you, lots of good things are happening in my life. More articles in Peppermint & Sage, more friends to talk to, good things on the computer front (like a Pogoplug as a birthday present), and I’m finally starting to lose weight again (I’ve been gaining like mad since getting free into my own apartment, was up to 242 after being 204 when I moved in). But right now I’m all about getting myself together.

One old friend has bladder cancer and decided that fighting it was harder than giving in, so he has moved (12 hours away rather than 2) to be closer to his remaining family. Another is trying to raise money for a car she can live in, which, again, would take her farther than 2 hours away.

No Thanksgiving invitations… well, actually, two, but I work 3 to 8 pm. One starts at 4 and the other is a 2-hour drive away (and I’d have to drive back, and work again on Friday). So I guess that removes one possibility for weight gain. I’d love to have some people to just hang with.

Psych drugs — completely free since Nov 2003
Music — no scheduled concerts, GAFilk in January is my next con, hoping to get to ConCarolinas in May.
Spirituality — Phamily’s Yule Gather is coming up soon
Age — I get to turn 61 solar cycles next week
Health — Doing pretty well. Blood pressure in check with only one lite med, getting an injection every other week, taking lots of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements.
Pets — Cecil and Narasimha, my two black kitty brothers, are wonderful to me when they are not beating each other up. Ariadne got fed this week, but I haven’t yet gotten Salazar to eat (both are royal pythons).
Neighbors — I have new neighbors across the hall in #6, but they just moved from one of the apartments up front. Haven’t gotten to know them yet.

So overall I’m feeling connected but alone, healthy but with issues, safe, and my job is still good. I even got a $0.27/hr raise the other week…


Catching Up

I have a 5-year-old Alienware computer to clean up (physically and garbage-wise on the hard drive). Trying to keep my cats away from it LOL.

This Saturday is the Earth’s Web Coordinator’s Meeting, Advisory Board Meeting, and Potluck, followed by Full Moon and yet another Potluck.

And next weekend, I am driving to Charleston SC for the first time to be special Filk Guest at Atomacon (the first convention of its name).

Whew. Hardly any time for my kitties. My friends. Me.

Better than being bored.



I ordered 2 Gb of RAM (memory chips) on Tuesday from “parts-quick” on Amazon. I got the memory today, and my computer is back up to the 4Gb I like it to have (when I get more money I might increase it to 6 or 8).

The price was good and the shipping was blazingly fast. I have to recommend this merchant.

I have other favorite merchants — “soul_niche” at eBay has the best dhoop incense, for instance — but have resisted plugging for them. Should I start doing that? It definitely gives me something positive to blog about…



Got two more days of work before I hit the road for Pittsburgh. Don’t really have the money to make it work “right”, so I’m driving at night and taking naps. I don’t have to be in Pittsburgh until at least noon Friday but there is no way to wait to leave at a time which would get me there, and I wouldn’t be able to sleep. So I leave after work tomorrow night, and stop at all the rest areas and take a nap… the trick part will be getting off I-81 at the right time to grab US19 and take it up to I-79, which is not only a shortcut but avoids all the toll roads.

At present, my money is literally being flushed down the toilet. I have a toilet which runs constantly. My landlord looked at it, tried to fix it, gave up and bought a new one but hasn’t had time to install it yet. I got my water bill, and I’m using the water of a family of four (and being charged accordingly). That’s not as bad as stories I’ve heard, but any dollar I can save makes it easier to live here…

Back to Confluence… I get a 90-minute concert, which, according to open mic standards, means 18 songs. Yeah, some of mine are bloody long, so many only 15 or 16. I’m trying to get that many ready for prime time… and every time I make a list of what might work, I remember another one. I think I’ll just fly by the seat of my pants. There will be at least three people I know at the convention (sadly, not including Blind Lemming Chiffon), one of whom knows my repertoire pretty well, so I have someone to bounce ideas off when I get there.

Back to life. I have sold my laptop. It will pay off most of the remaining debt I incurred acquiring it. My desktop, partially a gift of my old friend John Noggle, is fully up and running (Windows 7), and my relationship with a laptop running Windows 8 was going rapidly downhill from a low start. I have an Android KitKat phone and a decent Android tablet, don’t need so much technology and need less debt. I could have gotten a little more for it, but the buyer is a friend (one already mentioned in the Confluence paragraph) so I don’t have to mail it or deliver it special. Nobody in my income class needs as much technology, or as much debt, as I current have.

OK, that’s enough for now. Wish me luck!


Computer Fun

I got my desktop upgraded all the way to Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr. Everything was fine. Then I read a few websites on how to “tweak” (i.e., personalize) your system and tried a few of them. I wound up with something I didn’t like… and could not get back to what I had. I tried repairing the system, no good. I tried reinstalling Ubuntu from scratch, apparently had errors on the disk. I didn’t want to go back to Karmic and go through the whole upgrade process again, so I tried Mint.

I tried a few other 64-bit operating systems, and then remembered I had been asked to try out Lighthouse 64 6.02 B2 Mariner, a derivative of Slackware Linux in Puppy style (basically a 64-bit SlaxPup informed by FatDog64). I know that for some of you this is gibberish, but for others you’ll want the most exact language I can use.

Mariner looked great and was easy to use. I knew that Puppies save a config file to the hard drive for faster boots, and went to reboot to save the file. It wouldn’t save, said there wasn’t room.

It turns out that somewhere in the disk installs of either Ubuntu or Mint, my hard drive got formatted to a disk format I’m not ever aware of. So all I had toi do was run GPartEd and reformat that giant partition to ext4. Now I’m good, and very happy.

I still need to run it through its paces, find out what I need to do for Skype (I have a non-standard microphone and cheap webcam, but they worked in Ubuntu), maybe check out the Messenger (though I rarely use that these days), stuff like that.

I did lose one important file in all this, but it’s nothing I don’t have a moderately recent backup of and nothing I can’t construct from scratch if I have to.

Anyone out there who is looking for a fast, simple, beautiful version of Linux should give Mariner a try. The forum implies that the guy working on this might be sick — it has been a long time since the B2 and there’s no Final and he hasn’t commented for some time. Even so, the forum shows a large number of desktops and laptops this has run on, including the Dell Optiplex 740 Enhanced that John Noggoel gave me to get me back into the Desktop world.


Hanging Out With Myself

Got home from work last night with nobody home. Was expecting someone. Texted Honey. She said she would be gone for the weekend. Nice to know in advance.

Computer is working sorta OK. I went ahead and started setting Puppy up. At this point, I can’t get the computer to recognize a boot disk automatically, but if I hold Esc down while booting it brings up a menu which includes a choice to boot off the DVD drive, so I can get to Puppy if I want to. So I have to research how to get it to boot automatically, and have to get my programs installed again.

Waiting to hear on the van.  No responses yet on new housing.

I finally got around to writing my next article for Peppermint and Sage ezine. Glad I got that done… not sure whether I’m actually saying something, and hope I get some responses. Should be on time for the next article, nothing major in the way of me writing. Who knows, I might even do some research for it… naw LOL



Send It Back

Well, I’ve probably mentioned everything about how my computer got messed up, and might have mentioned that ASUS gave me an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) to send it back to them. Odds are they will just ship me another unit they already worked on… I think I’ve decided to bite the bullet and do it. This decision is aided by the fact that I have an Android 4.0 tablet and an Android 4.1 phone (not activated as a phone yet) with which I can use to keep in touch with the Internet.

Got everything printed out, which was its own fun (getting CUPS to work for the first time, with some related software issues). I thought they guaranteed postage both ways, but there is not a mailing label included. So I guess I have to pay for FedEx or UPS or DHL to send it back to them. Now I get to figure out how to get to one of them…