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North Carolina

I drove today to Connie’s to sell her a computer I bought for either her or her sister, and did other work on both laptops and some on her printer and her desktop computer. I came home with a good day’s wages, a little better than if I had been driving around for Uber so it was a good day to take off. I have a printer to sell and will take another printer to her later. This is much more fun and a little more remunerative than driving for Uber, but it’s back to the driving tomorrow.

And another month went by…

I was silent the entire month of June. Things are still developing, just not as quickly as I would like.

I can’t get unemployment. Not because I’m on Disability, but because I can’t work full time (because of my disability).

The trailer I’m moving to has had to be completely redone, and is not ready yet. It may be ready by the end of this week to move SOME things in, but probably not ready to move me and the kitties.

I did get approved as an Uber driver. I’m not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing, but it might help.

I stopped selling stuff because I don’t know where I’ll be when it’s time to mail it out. Or it’s too stressful to balance in the rest of my life-in-turmoil.

I will be going tonight to hear Emmie perform in Knoxville. I will be going tomorrow to give Connie her new laptop (“Mobile Workstation” – this thing is HUGE) and install RAM on her desktop, and do other things, hopefully remembering to take her old laptop so I can use or sell it. And on Thursday, I hope to get up early enough to check on the work on the trailer.

My desktop is still not working, but I’ll either get it fixed after I move or start uing one of the computers John left me. They probably run circles around mine anyhow.

Lots of emotional stuff going on. No need to get into that here. Call me if you think I need a hug, or if you do.

My cell phone is working, except it is now on a carrier which does not have service at the cabin. After I move, or whenever I’m out and about, I can be reached on it. If you think I’m at the cabin, call me at (865) 344-7156.


Flying Out the Door

I’ve been posting some things for sale, found among what John N left me, on eBay, Craigslist, and a more-local app called LetGo. I apparently have been pricing things low, because they are being snapped up. I will likely be able to get through June nicely if this keeps up, and I haven’t yet posted that much of it. Of course I’ll want to keep some of it… but it is such a relief that I can clean up my place, which is pretty slammed with all this stuff, and manage to get some breathing room in the bank account besides.

Nothing new on a job, but I haven’t had a lot of time or a lot of jobs to apply for. I should probably go to the “local” (30 miles away) Job Service Center or whatever they call it here. Might do that after my trip to the Post Office tomorrow to mail off my goods.

My cats have really been loving this time together. Cecil has gotten into the habit of (now several times a day} climbing up on my shoulder and purring. Of course, he’s so large that only his head and front shoulders are on my shoulder; his rear legs are on my belly. But he purrs so well. He only stays there a couple of minutes and then runs off, but he also spends a lot of time in my lap or between my legs (I sit in a recliner most of the time and the footrest opens to a solid piece).

I really appreciate all the love, attention, concern, prayers, energy, candles, etc. that my friends are giving me. It’s still going to be rough for a while, but I thank you for all you do.


Falling off the cliff

Things have been very odd around here. Issues with my cousin, my housing, my music, my job, pretty much everything. The waters are smoothing.

I still don’t know what’s going on with my cousin, it seems once a week she calls and leaves a screaming message on my phone that she will be leaving town “tomorrow”. So far as I know, it hasn’t happened yet. I hate that I had to pull away from her totally to preserve my own sanity, and I have also been incredibly ill from tree pollen and a resulting infection.

The illness caused me to badly underperform on my job, and I got written up for the first time in 3 years (on a major issue). But my client is more sympathetic than ever and I appear to have the support of his family.

And it’s hard to sing when you can barely breathe without coughing up a lung. But sing I will. My monthly housefilk was postponed a week — seems the major players forgot to get it on their schedule, and a week later worked better for all of us. So that will be this Saturday. Yay!

I won’t say anything about the housing issue at this time. There is a chance I may need to move, and a chance I may not. Lots of details need to be worked out first on either side. The upshot is an improvement (I think) in my financial situation, and enough in savings that I may not need to ask for help from family in the near future. Of course, the best laid mice and men seem to get other plans… or something like that…

My next performance is scheduled for ConCarolinas in June. I hope I’m in reasonably good shape by then. With the help of my friend Emmie I have found some strings which might make Arthur of the Wood sound better. I have also parted ways with Blue and Disciple (got paid for Disciple and will miss him) and have finally listed some of my extra electronic doodads for sale on eBay.

I hope everyone’s life is calm and that you are getting what you need from the Universe.


Last Day

Well, today is my last day at my old job. Sorta. Barring extra shifts here and there. Monday I start training, at 9 am; that’s not going to be easy, but it’s only for a week. Then they have to figure out my schedule.

Three days this week, work has been fine. No problems. The fourth, not so good, as my guy trashed his bedroom twice (I picked it up both times) before returning to his usual, lovable self. (The behavior was triggered by his housemate, he has been sad but not upset about my leaving.)

I’ve grown quite a bit in this job, and I’m still growing, still finding bits of my constructed-to-protect-myself (by a 2-year-old kid who didn’t know better) personality or set of behaviors that needs to be reconstructed. It’s amazing I have worked out so well at this job, but I’m better for it. Now if the new job has anything like the same supports in place, I should do quite well. If not, well, RHA says they want me back. I may not be perfect, but I show up every day on time (barring car issues, which were not many), and that’s better than a lot of my co-workers can claim.

Out of the frying pan. I have no idea whether the coming terrain features fire.



Update: My day went much better than expected. Yay. Got a bottle of Tullamore Dew with which to celebrate.


Why haven’t I posted anything? Because nothing I’m doing seems important.

I’m going to work every weekday, with a 17-mile drive each way and an occasional side trip (such as laundry on alternate Fridays). I’m visiting my best friends in Dandridge roughly every other weekend. My house mate has few needs and we mostly act like we’re in different dimensions. My cats are about as needy as cats get, and that’s all right with me. I have no new songs, and the few times I’ve actually had inspirations rapidly became too whiny to continue. My health is about as good as it can be for a 62-year-old man whose doctors either ignored him or conspired against him his whole life.

I have friends online and off, I have a few members of my family on both sides who still talk to me, my mother is about as well as an 85-year-old woman can be.

I’m even appearing to be climbing out of some numbing debt I got myself in (in the name of love). So long as I keep my job — and they show no signs of either wanting to or being able to replace me — I should be debt-free before the end of the year.

So I’m going through the tedious job of living, and don’t have as many wonderful signposts to comment on. All I have to do is keep my job and keep females away from my emotional receptors and I’ll be fine. Might even own a house before I die at this rate.

Politically, I’m seen as radical left, but I’m really only moderate left. I believe everyone should have a real chance to benefit from their labor and not get totally ripped off just because the owner wants a bigger piece of the pie. Liberals like Warren Buffett are OK with me — yes he has a huge slice of the pie, but he’s willing to let the pie grow. The FauxNews crowd seems to think that the rich should eat all the pie they can, leaving nothing to grow. I want all labor, not just American, to be compensated fairly for their labor. The rich will still be rich. I’m not sure how I feel about consumerism, as I enjoy a bit of that myself. Where I live, I don’t really have complete recycling available, but I do what I can. I have a few more gadgets than I really can justify, but it also makes me a resource to my friends who might need one of these gadgets. (In two ways — I can either tell them my experience, or might just give [or sell cheaply] them one of my excess.)

For instance, right now I do not need both a tablet and a smartphone. My tablet is 7″ which I feel is barely too large. What I need, therefore, is a 6″ phablet. Unfortunately, all the good phablets require a phone plan which is more than double what I am currently paying and cost wow (around $600-1200).

I am now merely babbling. I hope you have enjoyed your trip through my so-called life. Guess I’ll sign off now.



I ordered two old-but-running ASUS Eee PCs off eBay last week. the first one, a 900A, arrived today; the second, a 1001H, was shipped today. I’m cleaning them up, fixing them up, upgrading them as needed, and will keep one, selling or giving away the other. I could probably sell either one for what I paid for both… but I do have a soft spot, and there are people who could really use one of these that don’t have $50.

Grassroots for Peace

You want to see the way things ought to work in the world?

Several years ago, I donated $35 to a campaign called Project Asset. This project took the daughters of sex workers in India and taught them computer skills so they had an option that did not mean following their mothers’ line of work. While Project Asset is now a multi-million dollar effort, that is not the measure of its success. The measure of its success is the dozens of college graduates and hundreds of high school graduates who would not have had a chance if the program did not exist. It is even the cooperation of local criminal elements, who completely left undisturbed the training centers which were built in the middle of the worst parts of the worst towns despite containing thousands of dollars of computer equipment.

One of Project Asset’s partners, Kailash Satyarthi, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. This is the effect we are having.

Project Asset was started by a student at a major Arizona university (sorry, I don’t remember whether it was Arizona or Arizona State). Her father chipped in a little. I chipped in a little. Some of my friends chipped in a little. Eventually, they attracted larger donors, and in the past few years even started getting funds from nations and even the UN.

It doesn’t take much to fix the world. It starts with caring.


With my mother’s help, I have a new vehicle. It’s a 2006 Chevy Cobalt with 88,500 miles on it. Paid $5990 plus tax and license. So I got back to work Thursday.

Then I worked day shift AND my regular shift Friday. Day shift Sunday. Extra hours Monday. And more hours Tuesday including working by myself all shift, which should not happen, with the promise of Wednesday off to rest. A lot of this is because my manager’s mother passed away, and he needed more time away to deal with it, as is fully understandable, so I pulled my weight as a member of the team. But I’ve worked at least 42 hours this past 7 days, maybe 45, and I have been feeling overworked at my normal 25.

So then my manager got back today, and asked me to work. I had to tell him no. Instead, I went to take a computer desk back to an ex (had to disassemble it, and reassemble it at her apartment), pick up my computer (which died last Wednesday night, seems to have been a memory chip going bad), and then spend a few hours getting my checkbook spreadsheet caught up. (I haven’t worked on it since I left for Confluence, when I found that their mobile app lets me view, but not edit, my spreadsheets.)

I think I’m caught up. I had some money left over and put it in savings just in case my paycheck is shorter than expected (this next paycheck includes 4 days off out of my usual 10, again for Confluence and the car trouble). I needed $50 of that savings to balance a payment due to be taken out tomorrow. But I think I’m on track again. And ZohoDocs tells me that they are working very hard on their mobile apps so that this does not happen again.

I have been very lucky. I have had things to do, friends to do them with, and the help I needed when things broke down. I now have to spend the next 18-24 months getting on top of things so that I won’t need to ask for help when the next crisis occurs.


Quiet Here

I’ve been quiet lately. I’ve had a few visitors, a lot of contact with family and friends, am coming up on my One Year anniversary at work, and am just being as organic in living as I can manage.

I fixed a computer for a co-worker, and have spent several hours upgrading my own computer’s operating system; it was Ubuntu Karmic Koala when I got it, it is now Trusty Tahr (WHAT IS A TAHR???), that’s up upgrade through 9 versions.

I’m working on performing a couple new songs.

A friend got me access to Netflix, so my computer speakers are now on my TV (no clue how to get sound from the notebook computer to the TV speakers), which means I need speakers for the desktop computer.

Still having some difficulties when something goes wrong which was not expected. Some of that is normal. Asperger’s support group came up with an outing this month, and there is no way I can afford it so no support group until next month.

Guess that’s it. I’m happy, solitary, and still moving forward.