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Keep Moving

The weekend was beyond wonderful, with old friends and new, acceptance, learning, and music. I even sold two copies of my CD (up to 5 sales, lol) to participants. My manager is letting me make up two hours of the missed 5, two sales and my Damnation Books royalties, and I came out even… plus some, a gift from a friend, but that went in the gas tank.

Still trying to work with my cousin to get her issues straightened out, hope it’s working.





No, nothing happened with my cats, just had to think of a new title LOL. The weekend was quite uneventful. Some stress waiting for someone to call but it worked out. Have some writer’s block, I have an article due soon for Peppermint & Sage eZine, had plenty of time to get it done and just couldn’t. Had the file open even. Went to bed about my usual, woke up about my usual, and feel like I’ve been working all day before I even get done with morning chores. Guess I’ll go lounge in my chair (broke broked broken) until the mail comes, I should get a couple good things in the mail.

I still have thousands of copies of my CD available for download… All the Love…

One of the authors I used to work with has been complaining on Facebook about my former employer. Apparently she thinks she can sell his book royalty-free after his contract expires. He didn’t like that.   Hugs, Me

It’s Official!

I have not yet received a copy of my signed contract… as Senior Editor at Eternal Press (a subsidiary of Damnation Books)… but the owner just officially announced that my email address is now SrEditorEternalPress@gmail.com …

My Aunt died just a couple months ago.  She always thought I would be the next great American writer.  I think she would be just as proud of me as Senior Editor.

We have a great group of editors and copyeditors, many (perhaps most) of whom I had a hand in hiring and have developed wonderful relationships with.  My husband-in-law, James, is one of these, and his wife (my 3rd ex) Beth has applied to our CEO to work – temporarily or permanently – on the company website.

Eternal Press tied for 3rd in a poll by members of Love & Romance Cafe, an online group of ebook readers, and many off our authors won several of their top awards (although only one won for a book we published).

I think y’all already know that Eternal Press was bought (effective Jan. 1) by Damnation Books.  There are currently no plans to merge the companies, although a few functions may be shared.  So I guess you could say: