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Back to Hemlock Hollow

I woke up early, made sure I had all my stuff together, moved some of it to the porch. Waiting for Ken and Emmie to come and throw it (and me) in the truck (gently, please). Got my biscuits coming out of the oven.

And sometime this evening, I will have yet another performance at Hemlock Hollow. Hope I can get my energy up for it.

I sold another CD today. Yayyy! Pretty sad when a single sale makes your month, but I am thankful. The purchaser was someone I’ve “known” since pre-Internet days and a pretty well-known Canadian filker. (Thanks, Farrell!)

So the cats are fed, the litter box is changed, my stuff it gathered (some inside, some outside), I’m about to take my first morning sip of fresh coffee, I’m munching buttermilk biscuits for breakfast, and I’m going to play music before nightfall.

Sounds like a pretty good day.


Bobby G

Auntie Em has a friend up in Johnson City who is fighting prostate cancer. He appears to be winning. But he misses his drums. He used to be a drummer in various bands, rock and other, and has not had a drum kit for 15 years. Emmy set out to fix that, and contacted all of the people she knows who know Bobby G.

Yesterday, Ken loaded all the drum kit parts they had acquired — a reasonably full drum kit sans cymbals — and picked me up, driving first to Greeneville to pick up a donated bass drum foot pedal (which was indeed primo), and then to Johnson City to present Bobby G with his birthday present (turned 64 on Friday).

You have never seen a happier man. We then got him in the truck and went to a large music store in JC and got a super deal on a high hat (cymbal kit). It, too, was super, and Bobby had a great time putting it together. As of yesterday evening we have promises of donations of the larger cymbals and stands. We also took him to his favorite Cracker Barrel for a birthday lunch.

Emmy’s friend Gary came over with a couple guitars and an amp, and Emmy and I had each brought one, and we provided some music and fun to get Bobby something to drum with. A fine time was had by all.

The power of music.


Moving Update

I’m all moved in at Sojourn, other than the usual unpacking issues. It feels to good to be here.

I need to go back to Blaine to pick Sky up on the 4th and take her to get the moving truck she has rented. Last I heard, her plans are to go to Dayton OH and try to rent an apartment when she gets there.

Now I just have to wait for my deposits to come in so I can catch up on my credit a little. The move has been hard on my finances, as moves usually are. Melanie’s song, “What do I keep, what do I throw away?” forgets the bit about “What do I have to buy to fit my new circumstances.”

I talked to John Noggle last night. He’s in his 3rd week of chemo, something he said previously he was going to avoid. I hope it helps, he has let this go for a long time.

My cousin Maria called last night (actually twice, and both times she was interrupted by a call from her mother). It sounds like she will finally get her way and move to Japan next month, I think she said the 24th. I hope she is safe and happy there.

I have to get my articles in for Peppermint and Sage soon, and learn a new song for Harvest Festival as well as plan a workshop. So I’m busy.

And very happy.


Breaking the Silence

Some of you already know this. I have been in transition with housing, moving to Sojourn, a cabin and a livelihood in Dandridge, TN, where I will steward the new growth of Triad Bardic College. This left my temporary housemate, Skycladlilith SaintMartha, in a tight spot, as she needs a place to go or a new housemate, but she knew it was coming eventually and I gave her lots of notice (and donated some of my things to her so that she might have a bit more money – by selling them – to take care of stuff).

I am mostly at Sojourn now. We held a dedication of the site a week ago, to much joy and revelry. We moved most of my furniture (except one bookcase and the stuff being left behind) yesterday. I still have a lot of unpacking to do, and I still have a lot of stuff in Blaine to move (mostly books, and then cleaning up the place).

This could, and by design should, be my last move. I have a smallish cabin, with about 7 acres of woods with walking trails. I will be hosting Triad events here every month or four, and doing teaching from here. The site is also a beautiful place for people to get married, and we have lots of clergy from a variety of spiritual traditions available for the purpose.

As for my own music, I promise to finally get my CD published (as a physical object — the music is for sale in downloadable MP3s now). I have purchased a new guitar, which is beautiful and sounds wonderful and has a pickup so I can play more venues. I expect to be playing at many events in 2016, starting with my annual trip to Atlanta in early January.

I got a new job a few months ago; this move more than halves my driving distance. It also puts me within 4 miles of my closest friends, who are now also my landlords. I have a friend in White Pine I’ve been wanting to spend time with, and that is now only 11 miles away.

As for my personal romantic life, it’s still me and Nan, and Nan is still in Hendersonville NC and unable to leave there at the present time or foreseeable future. It has been this way for a long time. I can live with it, and also wonder how I could shoehorn her into this cabin.

So that’s about it. My health has been all right, although when I cast myself far afield for Gatherings I have not been well. A lot of that is stress, a lot of that is “sun poisoning” (I *must* remember to take a hat), and perhaps some of it is as yet undiscovered.

Special hugs to my Family, and my family. My favorite cousins know who they are and know that I love them. I tend to love everyone who lets me, which has gotten me in a lot of trouble over the years but has helped me grow into what I am today, and I expect that growth to continue.

Blessings on you all.



My life seems to be so much better than I can ever remember it. It wasn’t easy getting here. One thing I have used to get here might be called “tools”, ways I change my attitude about a situation before I can actually change the situation itself.

One very important tool I’ve used is to take personal responsibility for my actions through my words, as opposed to telling someone else how to do things to get better. I may not have all the details of your situation, I may not understand all the nuances, but if it reminds me of something I came up against I’m happy to tell you how I changed my situation. If it helps, great; if not, I’m not judging you or trying to make you feel bad.

I have noticed that some people just want to feel bad and want me to join in the party. Their response to my offering this type of help is, “It’s all about you! Blah blah blah.”

Sorry, but I’m not going to go there. It is all about me in my life, and you are all about you. That’s the way it should be. I’m not responsible for fixing you and I’m not trying to do that, just hoping you find something to think about and see how you might apply it to your life.

I am not a motivational speaker, I don’t have any x-step plans, it’s your life and I respect that. Sometimes I allow myself to be hurt by the fact that some people I try to help don’t respect me and my life, but there’s nothing I can do about that either except to not accept the slam and not join their party.

Guess that’s all I have to say on that right now. Maybe I could have said it better, I’m always looking for ways to improve.


Happy Beltane

I just returned from a lovely weekend with my spiritual Family, belatedly celebrating Beltane in the woods at our usual site. It was incredible, and we had the best Bardic event in recent memory. I’m exhausted but happy, and have yet to unload my car. I hope you all had a blessed Beltane whenever and wherever you celebrated it.

I took a large box of books and sold nearly half of them (at bargain-basement prices), making me a decent amount of money. I also collected what was owed on an earlier sale of a netbook. Good times plus money equals happiness, LOL.



Catching Up Yet Again

I continue to work my new job. While I don’t particularly *like* the guy I’m working for, he needs the help, and so far he dislikes me considerably less than many of the other staff. It’s easier work than before, and as I’m only working 3 days per week (longer hours) it’s about the same amount of gas and I get really long weekends, so overall I’m happy with the new job. My co-workers are a good group of people, and I have options should I choose to no longer work at this house.

I’ll get back to work on fixing the car as the month comes to an end. Tires and injectors are first on the list, struts lower down. I’m really feeling good about how I handled the task and the debt.

Life is moving forward at a nice pace with good possibilities, for all of which I am thankful. If not everyone around me is thankful for their lot, I can offer help without taking responsibility, which is also a new thing for me.

The next steps are within sight. I will continue to take them.


Feeling Accomplished

Today, I finished all the requirements for my new job, including all the online computer classes, my CPR & First Aid License (my old one, from a different source, is still good for another year, but my old employer likes to renew annually), my PCM class, and everything else. I then went and did my laundry, for another level of accomplishment. So now it’s time to get toasted. I was told my new Coordinator would be calling but she hasn’t yet. And tomorrow (and perhaps Sunday as well), I will be off in the boonies playing music with Lady Emrys and Faucon.

Weekend Update

I had a great weekend. On Saturday, I discovered some stuff in Bean Station and drove around there and other parts of Grainger County and looked at a house in Luttrell. On Sunday, I got to spend the day with my two favorite people, Aunty Em and Faucon, including some good spiritual time. Hope the energy raised carries me through the coming week — work is not getting better.


Why haven’t I posted anything? Because nothing I’m doing seems important.

I’m going to work every weekday, with a 17-mile drive each way and an occasional side trip (such as laundry on alternate Fridays). I’m visiting my best friends in Dandridge roughly every other weekend. My house mate has few needs and we mostly act like we’re in different dimensions. My cats are about as needy as cats get, and that’s all right with me. I have no new songs, and the few times I’ve actually had inspirations rapidly became too whiny to continue. My health is about as good as it can be for a 62-year-old man whose doctors either ignored him or conspired against him his whole life.

I have friends online and off, I have a few members of my family on both sides who still talk to me, my mother is about as well as an 85-year-old woman can be.

I’m even appearing to be climbing out of some numbing debt I got myself in (in the name of love). So long as I keep my job — and they show no signs of either wanting to or being able to replace me — I should be debt-free before the end of the year.

So I’m going through the tedious job of living, and don’t have as many wonderful signposts to comment on. All I have to do is keep my job and keep females away from my emotional receptors and I’ll be fine. Might even own a house before I die at this rate.

Politically, I’m seen as radical left, but I’m really only moderate left. I believe everyone should have a real chance to benefit from their labor and not get totally ripped off just because the owner wants a bigger piece of the pie. Liberals like Warren Buffett are OK with me — yes he has a huge slice of the pie, but he’s willing to let the pie grow. The FauxNews crowd seems to think that the rich should eat all the pie they can, leaving nothing to grow. I want all labor, not just American, to be compensated fairly for their labor. The rich will still be rich. I’m not sure how I feel about consumerism, as I enjoy a bit of that myself. Where I live, I don’t really have complete recycling available, but I do what I can. I have a few more gadgets than I really can justify, but it also makes me a resource to my friends who might need one of these gadgets. (In two ways — I can either tell them my experience, or might just give [or sell cheaply] them one of my excess.)

For instance, right now I do not need both a tablet and a smartphone. My tablet is 7″ which I feel is barely too large. What I need, therefore, is a 6″ phablet. Unfortunately, all the good phablets require a phone plan which is more than double what I am currently paying and cost wow (around $600-1200).

I am now merely babbling. I hope you have enjoyed your trip through my so-called life. Guess I’ll sign off now.