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What I Would Do For Love

OK, based on my belief that my Passport Card will be here somewhere around the first week of October, and my belief that I need to earn my October money driving Uber, I have scheduled my trip to Canada to pick up my sweetheart, Suzanne, to begin October 25. I will take no more than 6 days, perhaps 5. No time for sightseeing, as I will have to do something or get someone to take care of my cats and will need to get back to work when I get back.

The trip is 19 hours of driving, plus stops for food, drink, peeing, and probably an overnight each way, and the holdup at the border each direction. From Blaine TN to Green Hill (aka Stanley Parish) New Brunswick. At least one night in Green Hill, so her father knows I’m not a serial killer, maybe two, and then the trip back, this time with company.


Men Men Men

This weekend was the first ever Men’s Gathering for Earth’s Web (or its predecessor, SerpentStone). We have a few people show up, had a fantastic workshop presented by Owl and lots of talking. It wasn’t everything we envisioned it to be, but it was a start and we hope next year’s is better.

I’m wondering about my level of commitment. I am going so many different directions and just don’t have money for more than one or two. I’m looking forward to Confluence in Pittsburgh PA in July.. that will help me focus on what it is I need to do.

Gotta go wash the camping dirt off me. Shower time!