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Update on Busy Day

I got out of the Chevy Dealership at just over $1000, with a preferred customer card good for $75 on my next service. The rental car only cost $60, have to wait for them to refund my deposit to my credit card before I get that credit back but that’s all good. I went and bought two tires for the front — that was the greater need, the tire dealer only had two in stock, and I only had money for two.

All in all, a successful day. And before I went to the car dealership, I accepted a credit offer from Barclay’s which gave me a new card with a higher credit limit and lower interest rate than the Chase Amazon card, and they claim I can move the Chase balance to it for a $30 fee (with 0% interest the first year, that’s a huge savings).

I don’t know when I’ll be able to move to my new digs, but there is hope that is moving forward more swiftly than earlier thought.

Thank you, Goddess, for having things fall so neatly into place. If my job had not needed me to go to Knoxville for training and to pick up a certificate on Monday, and I was not scheduled to work until today (Wednesday), I would not have been near the dealership and would have missed work or had more trouble getting done what was needed.


Feeling Accomplished

Today, I finished all the requirements for my new job, including all the online computer classes, my CPR & First Aid License (my old one, from a different source, is still good for another year, but my old employer likes to renew annually), my PCM class, and everything else. I then went and did my laundry, for another level of accomplishment. So now it’s time to get toasted. I was told my new Coordinator would be calling but she hasn’t yet. And tomorrow (and perhaps Sunday as well), I will be off in the boonies playing music with Lady Emrys and Faucon.

Last Day

Well, today is my last day at my old job. Sorta. Barring extra shifts here and there. Monday I start training, at 9 am; that’s not going to be easy, but it’s only for a week. Then they have to figure out my schedule.

Three days this week, work has been fine. No problems. The fourth, not so good, as my guy trashed his bedroom twice (I picked it up both times) before returning to his usual, lovable self. (The behavior was triggered by his housemate, he has been sad but not upset about my leaving.)

I’ve grown quite a bit in this job, and I’m still growing, still finding bits of my constructed-to-protect-myself (by a 2-year-old kid who didn’t know better) personality or set of behaviors that needs to be reconstructed. It’s amazing I have worked out so well at this job, but I’m better for it. Now if the new job has anything like the same supports in place, I should do quite well. If not, well, RHA says they want me back. I may not be perfect, but I show up every day on time (barring car issues, which were not many), and that’s better than a lot of my co-workers can claim.

Out of the frying pan. I have no idea whether the coming terrain features fire.



Update: My day went much better than expected. Yay. Got a bottle of Tullamore Dew with which to celebrate.

Quick Change

Well, I looked online yesterday for DSP jobs in Morristown, and found a company with many houses in Jefferson City, which is even closer (and closer to Dandridge). I jotted off a quick email. Less than an hour, I received a response that they were having a Job Fair in Morristown today (9 to Noon). So I pried my sorry ass out of bed early to get there… and wound up being hired!

I’m looking forward to the time I can move to Dandridge. Right now the drive is about 7 miles longer than my current drive. But I need relief from the way my guys are stressing me out… and RHA is willing to keep me on as needed, if I need any extra hours.


Small Victories

When I’m wallowing in pity, I always seem to forget that at least I’m still around to wallow. I may only get paid every two weeks, but every day I work is another day closer to being out of debt and will count toward the paycheck which will get me there. Autism isn’t fun, depression isn’t fun, loneliness isn’t fun, but dying would end all the chances at future fun.

So. This month I get rid of two complete debts. One is already gone, the other is scheduled to die on Friday. Next month I get rid of one more. Then I have to work harder to keep my credit current and going backwards with my three remaining accounts, all three of which should have zero debt balances in 6 months (one of which will go away forever, and I’ll contemplate the other’s future at a later date).

Still keeping up on that New Years’ Resolution. Making almost as good as perfect progress and much better than expected progress.



Why haven’t I posted anything? Because nothing I’m doing seems important.

I’m going to work every weekday, with a 17-mile drive each way and an occasional side trip (such as laundry on alternate Fridays). I’m visiting my best friends in Dandridge roughly every other weekend. My house mate has few needs and we mostly act like we’re in different dimensions. My cats are about as needy as cats get, and that’s all right with me. I have no new songs, and the few times I’ve actually had inspirations rapidly became too whiny to continue. My health is about as good as it can be for a 62-year-old man whose doctors either ignored him or conspired against him his whole life.

I have friends online and off, I have a few members of my family on both sides who still talk to me, my mother is about as well as an 85-year-old woman can be.

I’m even appearing to be climbing out of some numbing debt I got myself in (in the name of love). So long as I keep my job — and they show no signs of either wanting to or being able to replace me — I should be debt-free before the end of the year.

So I’m going through the tedious job of living, and don’t have as many wonderful signposts to comment on. All I have to do is keep my job and keep females away from my emotional receptors and I’ll be fine. Might even own a house before I die at this rate.

Politically, I’m seen as radical left, but I’m really only moderate left. I believe everyone should have a real chance to benefit from their labor and not get totally ripped off just because the owner wants a bigger piece of the pie. Liberals like Warren Buffett are OK with me — yes he has a huge slice of the pie, but he’s willing to let the pie grow. The FauxNews crowd seems to think that the rich should eat all the pie they can, leaving nothing to grow. I want all labor, not just American, to be compensated fairly for their labor. The rich will still be rich. I’m not sure how I feel about consumerism, as I enjoy a bit of that myself. Where I live, I don’t really have complete recycling available, but I do what I can. I have a few more gadgets than I really can justify, but it also makes me a resource to my friends who might need one of these gadgets. (In two ways — I can either tell them my experience, or might just give [or sell cheaply] them one of my excess.)

For instance, right now I do not need both a tablet and a smartphone. My tablet is 7″ which I feel is barely too large. What I need, therefore, is a 6″ phablet. Unfortunately, all the good phablets require a phone plan which is more than double what I am currently paying and cost wow (around $600-1200).

I am now merely babbling. I hope you have enjoyed your trip through my so-called life. Guess I’ll sign off now.


Double Whammy

Yesterday I learned that my housemate and I were on different pages regarding our payment agreement (or apparently lack thereof). We both felt gut-punched over that. We’re attempting to work it out. But I went to work at less than peak…

And then my guy went off, and kept going off, from 5 until just before 8. I was about ready to run out the door and give up, but I’m just no good at quitting. I had to remind myself that I only have to put up with him 5/5 while he lives with it 24/7.

When I got home, I just went to my room. I spent maybe 20 minutes on my computer, and otherwise just stayed on my bed, some crying involved.

Somehow I made it to work today.




Happy New Year, ME.

If the stars align properly and I follow their instruction, I *could* get entirely out of debt by this time next year. I pledge to do at least half that, and will be happy if I get to 2/3rds, but it sure would be great to meet the full goal.

I have gained weight this year, from 205 to 246. I hope to lose at least to 220. This means I will need to take my weight more seriously, and find time to walk and/or exercise every week.

I still need to complete ANY assignments toward my Barding. I pledge to complete all assignments this year, if at all possible.

Will I still have my job this time next year? That would be a record for me. I’m at 19 months now, and the longest I have held a job to date has been 27 months.

Can I stay out of any and all relationships? I hope so. Losing sight of that goal will seriously impact the first goal.

I have a housemate right now. If she can stay for the full year, it will be much easier to meet my other goals, IF we can keep it fairly stress-free.

Guess that’s enough for one year. See you next year to count the successes and failures.


Got Help

An old friend needed a place to stay for some length of time, probably not exceeding a year. I got permission from my landlord, and over the past two weekends moved her in. She has her own room. So far things appear to be working. This will allow me to get caught up even more quickly on my debt — there is some (outside) chance I might be out of debt by next Yule… I’ll be happy to do more than cut it in half.

Nothing much going on. Work is being work. No concerts scheduled yet for 2015. I have one convention scheduled at my expense, and hope to be able to schedule another in May.