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Original Songs

I am including some lyrics to my favorite songs here; you can get all the lyrics to all my songs by ordering my lyric books, above.
All the Love in the World
Blood Love
Continued in Another Life
Every Day of the Yearsound
Fifty Years Ago
For Jayne (It's My Heart)
House Rules
I Can Feel You Loving Me
All the Love in the World
Incomplete -- New for 2021
The Last Wolf
Mother Forgive Themsound
New Forevers
Now It's My Turn
Raven and Crow
The Right Kind of Woman
Sleeping With Aimee
The Speed That It Happens
Sweet Survivor
This Last First Time
Voyage of the Dawner
Walking Shadow
Winter in Old Chicago

Lyrics to "Borrowed" Tunes
All Along the Netwire
Armless Love
Back In the Con Suite -- New for 2021
The Ballad of Harry Smothers
Beautiful Fool
Bleeded Out
A Boy and His Dog
Chicken Breast
Con Henry
The Coven Grows
Dark Star
Domino Death
Dust on the Lens
Filk Banned From Argo
Filkers to Algernon
God Lives on Tully
The Goodnight-Loving Run
Guys Who Lose (and the Women Who Love Them)
Hoof and Horn
Hopeless Warren
I Eat Lots of Things
I Just Called
I Really Filked Ferron
If I Were a Moose and you Were a Squirrel
King of Pun
Lama Lama
The Lighter Side of MAD
Little Fuzzy Animals
Little Monsters -- New for 2020
Lord of Light
Lucky Cat -- New for 2021
Martian of the Swamp Country
Mary Ellen-or Rigby
My Girl's Name Here
O.J. Jury
OK, Do What?
Only a Brain
Our Old Steve
Revenge of Temperature
Rigs of the Time
Rock Me, Amidala -- 2017
Rocky Coastline High
ROM Shadow
Seka in the Sun
Silicon and Rust
Siva's Price
Six Nails on the Chalkboard
Sometimes When we Fight
Sometimes When we Fight - the Dark Side
Song With No Tune
Stand by Your Fan
Starting Point
Still Crying
Sweet Dr. Jane
Threadfall in Telgar
Who's Left
The Witless Waltz
The World Outside my Crystal
Works in Progress and Other Fragments

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Last Modified -- June 30, 2021

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