My Girl's Name Here
Harry Smothers
(after "Your State's Name Here", 1988 Lou & Peter Berryman)

Sometimes when the grass is blown by the breeze
There's a far away look in the leaves of the trees
I think of my sweetheart, heartbreakingly clear
A beautiful woman named [My girl's name here]

No eyes could be deeper, no spirit so clear
No heart could be purer than [My girl's name here]
I'll hold her some day, although I'm not sure when
There's no sweeter love than [My girl's name again]

My grampa and grandma would sit in their chairs
And talk of [My sweetie] without any airs
And [My girl] would ride with me in [our car's name brand]
And talk of [whatever] while holding my hand

The songs that she sang were somewhat obscure
She learned from the local townspeople I'm sure
The language she uses is not very clear
But she sweetly says [something I wanted to hear].

I'd love to wake up in [My Girlfriend's] embrace
And I love to do things that put smiles on her face
Like there on the bumper, a sticker so clear
An I, then a heart, and then [My Girl's name here]

Whisper it soft, it's a song to my ear
[My girl's name here, my girl's name here]
To her I belong, and to her I'll return
For [my girl's] sweet kisses I ever will yearn...

©2004 by Gerald L. "Moss" Bliss, aka Harry Smothers. (Completed 9/21, with helpful ideas from Beth Harper). I was complaining a week or so ago to Blind Lemming Chiffon that I had written all these gorgeous love songs -- for women I never even got to meet. He suggested I write a Generic Love Song. Here ya go.

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