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Phydeaux Speaks
March 2000

I do not, at present, have a running vehicle. This is not really because I cannot afford one, but rather because I don't really need one. Living in downtown Asheville as I do, I can find most everything I want within walking distance. And I'm not wasting fossil fuel to run to the corner store for beer, as I'm constantly observing in my fellow Ashevillians (or are they Ashe-villains?).

Ordinarily, my lack of transportation is not a problem. Recently, however, I needed to travel to Winston-Salem for my mother's 553 birthday celebration - dog years of course. As it would take several days to walk to Winston, I determined to rent a vehicle for the trip. Checking in the Yellow Pages, I found a rental agency that advertised cash rentals. As faithful readers will likely understand, I do not use credit cards.

So, on the appointed day I betook myself to the car rental outlet and presented my documentation. Without getting into too much detail, and possibly giving away State Secrets, suffice it to say I was not able to satisfy their "company policy". I had the evidence they needed for deposit purposes, but not in the exact form their corporate lawyers had determined.

This incident reminded me of my high school Geometry class. My teacher was in her first year out of college and, hopefully due to lack of experience, she was quite inflexible in the answers we were allowed. I'm sure those of you who are familiar with logic know that there are many ways to arrive at a truth. Put another way, there are many paths to Enlightenment. But no matter what path you take, you arrive at the same place. She had a hard time accepting that, because the book said it had to be a certain way.

My candidacy promotes the ideal that the destination is what is important, not the journey. We must do what must be done to correct the damage we are doing to the planet and each other. This may cause the dreaded change that the herd is always afraid of, and for individuals, this may cause temporary discomfort. But for the good of all, we must move in a more responsible direction.

I do not claim to know the destination. I only know that humanity's energy can be redirected through positive cooperation. This will take a massive effort on the part of everyone. The United States has the dubious distinction of being the only superpower on Planet Earth. We Americans influence the entire world, not only by our actions (and inactions), but by what we choose to export to the rest of the world - both material and emotional. As Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-man, learned, "With great power comes great responsibility." It is time to exercise this responsibility.

We need to lead by example, and. as head of state, the President is our leading export. To the rest of the world, the President is America. The last President that I was proud of was Jimmy Carter. Some of the Christians in the Coliseum probably felt more at home than he did in Washington, but he believed in taking responsibility. Over the last fifteen years, it seems the President has been constantly attempting to avoid responsibility for one thing or another. What a wonderful image we project.

Running a close second to the influence of the President, is the influence of Hollywood. The same vapid feature films Americans flock to are released worldwide. As we elect the President, so do we legitimize and endorse what Hollywood produces. Equally influential are the Duchies - I mean the companies - Microsoft, AOL-Time/Warner, RJR, and We're looking better and better, huh?

"But the economy is_." "The people want_." "The Gross National Product_." These statements and others like them comprise a freight train load of male bovine excrement. Not a one of them deal with quality of life. In the time of the framing of the Constitution, nearly all of the Americans to which the document applied were self-sustaining. The Federal Government had no need nor inclination that this would change. It has, and we must redirect our nation to lead the world into an era when all individuals are free from fear of what tomorrow will bring.

Washington, Hollywood, and New York. The three most influential cities in the world. Once upon a time they were Jerusalem, Mecca and Delhi. Once upon a time it didn't matter. Does it now?

See ya.

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