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I'm to be found in various places on the Internet, on different topics. My personal blog is to be found at Peaceful Hippo (this site), and I also have blogs at Dreamwidth (music and creativity) and (Linux and computers). I also maintain Triad Bardic College's website.

I'm also featured on two podcasts, mintCast and Distrohoppers' Digest (with associated blogs). My own music can be found on my YouTube channel, Robert Warren's YouTube channel, and on Bandcamp. Lyrics and poetry I've written can be found on this site.


The information below this point is obsolete. I'm leaving it in to show what I used to be doing. Defunct websites and things listed below may be findable in the Wayback Machine at

I am a community activist and musician in Blaine, TN, and formerly served as President of the Asheville Homeless Network, as a co-founder of Asheville Radical Mental Health Collective, and have many other local and online activities. I am employed by myself as an Uber driver around Knoxville, usually working Wed-Sat evening and late night. I would like to help others teach about their projects using your own website, or learn how to write their own. I also write a variety of articles, including having formerly been a monthly columnist for PaganPages for over 3 years, and now write several articles for Peppermint and Sage e-zine.

My current websites include:

Other activities: