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Moving Along Slowly

I got to look at the inside of the trailer today for the first time. The under-floors are entirely redone, the walls are entirely repainted, and they almost had the living room retiled with the rest of the house to go. I was surprised to see that the main bedroom was in the rear of the trailer, that’s the opposite of the other trailer I lived in that was the same size, and that there was a full bath at both ends of the trailer.

I may, just may, be able to move all my non-essential stuff this weekend. I need to hear back from Ken on when he has time, and then talk to Keith about getting the keys.

My guess it that it could be two more weeks before I’m actually moved in, but I may not know what I’m talking about.


Low Resolution

I did not make any New Year’s resolutions this year. Right now, I’m not feeling in control of my life, so I would not have any idea what I could keep or even what I want to keep. Maybe I’ll make some in March.

Friday I got the laundry done. Yesterday the dishes and still had two loads of laundry. Today the catboxes and trash (I hope – still working on that and don’t have a key to the back gate). Not bad for living in a house I’m moving out of, and with nobody home but me and the animals.

Guess there is nothing earth-shaking in today’s blog. Sorry.