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The Unknown Pervert
The Unknown Pervert: You are The Unknown Pervert, you are bound to hide your past and intentions, as the partner may find you very mysterious in so many ways. The ability to make yourself invisible to those around you, but not literally. You are similar to that of The Depressed Pervert, you may tend to give up before it’s too soon and you being alone drives the person to wanting to understand you more, although you feel that they shouldn’t or probably wouldn’t. Your intentions are only mysterious, they have no idea what you are really like, being The Unknown Pervert you might question yourself on why you participate in such intimate acts.

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Wishful Love
youre not in love right now but u like to think about it. since you are Wishful Love you think about your soul mate a lot but they tend to have a blank face in your mind. you just wish that special someone would hurry up and be with you already. you are quite the romantic. be patient. youll find them someday. in the meantime try not to live life as a fantasy.

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