I dreamed of Kayla last night for the first time.  We were with each other, we were the same age, and I was helping her learn something that her mother was telling me she could never learn.  I won’t go into details here, but it was a good dream.

I just got off the phone with my sweetie again.  She will be leaving the house in about 7 hours, and will be in my arms in less than 31 hours.  Yes, it’s that close, and I’m so happy.  I’m actually calmer the closer it gets, although I expect that to reverse when I know she is on the road, especially after she leaves Knoxville on the last leg of her journey to me.

I need to meditate and sleep.  Talk to you later.  Welcome to a new visitor, and thank you for your kind comments.


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  1. Anonymous

    I’m excited for you in your anticipation.  …I know how that feels! 
    My kids are “mixed”, too.  My son’s father is Italian and Aquisasne (Mohawk) and my daughter’s father is Scots-Irish.
    Blessings to your Grandmother!  My Great-Grandpop was 101 when he died.  I was 14 so I knew him well.  My Grandmother’s brother-in-law was older but we’re not quite sure how much so.  I was very close to him; he was a holy man and my spiritual guru.  Always after me about inhaling and exhaling properly…
    Kind wishes to you and your Special Love who is on her way safely to you! 
    ((((hugs 2 YOU)))


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